A Legacy Passed Down
Craig Legacy’s ’59 Apache Was a Father-Inspired Project

One of a Kaiser
Posies Reinvents the Truck Invented By Madman Muntz

Respect Your Elders
It May Pay Off in Horsepower One Day

Baker Built
Tom Baker Has the Time and the Talent

Lew Rice Calls His ’48 Chevy Pickup…
“The Old White Work Truck”

Event Coverage

Haulin’ the Goods
Trucks at the 48th Annual Los Angeles Roadsters Show & Swap


Metal Militia
The Art of Basic Metalworking

The Hot Rod Hauler
Building a 545-inch Ford

Nip & Tuck 101
Simple Steps to Tucking the Front Bumper on Your Classic Truck

Cool & Clear
An Unobtrusive Solution for Hot Haulers

Upgrading the Belts in a C10


Haul Monitor
Classic Marketplace
Readers’ Trucks
The End?