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Custom Classic Trucks

Vintage Lincoln Truck Restoration

Happen to be looking for tech support? Maybe installing something on that project of yours and you need a few pointers? Well, here in our technical section you can find articles, tips, and helpful guides related to anything you might be building on your classic Lincoln truck.
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1963 Ford F-100 - Special Edition
Retired from the Kennedy Space Center where he worked as a technician on the Apollo program and the Space Shuttle, Jerry somehow found time during his aerospace career to restore more than 10... more
1956 Ford F-100 - Carried Away
It's very hard to accuse anyone restoring an old ride of doing something financially practical. Sure, you can go with an eco-friendly driveline and stuff like that, but ultimately we're always... more
1966 Ford F-100 - Special Edition
After locating a good 1966 Ford F-100 Samuel set about completing his vision of creating a Night Train Harley Davidson.... more
Classic Performance Products Brake Kit - Short Stop!
Back when I originally had Currie rebuild the 12-bolt rear in our ’68 project, I opted to go simple with a stock Ford drum brake setup. Why a Ford drum brake you might ask?... more
Brothers Trucks Chevy C10 Shortbed - Short For Sport
Shortening the frame of a longbed truck down to the specs of a shortbed isn’t exactly a new idea, in fact, we’ve even done just that in years’ past.... more
1968 Chevrolet C10 - Respect Your Elders
When you’re just starting out as a parent, it’s easy to question your own actions.... more
1941 Ford Pickup - Heartfelt Hauler
In Escondido, California, Hot Rods & Custom Stuff proprietor Randy Clark has enjoyed a long, prolific run as a builder of hot rods, customs, classics, and of course custom classic trucks.... more
1964 Ford F-100 - One Phun Phord
Bob Peterson’s love for cars goes back to his very first, a ’55 Chevy two-door hardtop that he bought in 1965.... more
545 Ford Engine Build - Building Blocks
It’s been said that when it comes to building a performance engine there’s no replacement for displacement.... more
1956 Chevrolet Pickup Patch Job - Do-It-Yourself Corrosion Cures
Along with working on just about everyone’s magazine projects, Jason occasionally has the opportunity to turn his attention to his latest acquisition, a ’56 Chevy pickup.... more

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Steering Columns?
there are so many ways to go.. did you want key on the column??? do you want wipers on the turn... more
Chopped CabOver Coupes and Sedans
1948 Ford COE Lincoln Capri Coupe..... Rusted and... more
LS engine into '59 F100
so some reading.. type F100 into the search window above right.. you will come up with a LOT of... more
LS engine into '59 F100
Hey guys....I have a '59 F100 that i want to put a 5.3 Vortec into w/ a 4L60 behind it....has... more
Custom Classic Trucks