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Vintage Cadillac Truck Restoration

Happen to be looking for tech support? Maybe installing something on that project of yours and you need a few pointers? Well, here in our technical section you can find articles, tips, and helpful guides related to anything you might be building on your classic Cadillac truck.
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Step one of a 1953 3300 restore
First thing? 20 questions... What is your goal? Is this a full restoration? cab off the... more
Step one of a 1953 3300 restore
I managed to hunt down and find a 1953 Chevy 3300 that belonged to my grand father then passed to... more
Cadillac Northstar into a 1949 F-1
I would like to install a Cad 32 valve Northstar, East /West type engine into a 1949 F-1, in the... more
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