Making massive amounts of horsepower and building a marathon motor aren’t always compatible goals, but many of the basic machine processes and engine building techniques for the two are the same. Regardless of the brand you prefer, exacting machine work and assembly are crucial to the success of the project.

We’ve combined precision machine work with a host of aftermarket speed equipment for an engine that will offer spirited performance and reliability over a long period. Few novice builders can perform their own machine work, but we’ll show you what to look for when a professional shop, like Carco Engine and Machine, does it. Most important is the machine work on the rotating assembly that will reduce friction and wear on cylinder walls and bearings. We’ve also included a variety of proven aftermarket items that enhance performance and increase longevity.

The 396ci Chevy big-block and crankshaft we used were salvaged some time ago, but they still have excellent potential. Follow along as we present the machine prep and buildup of our 396 and demonstrate some affordable and time-honored engine building techniques.

Carco Inc. Engine and Machine
1581 Kraemer Blvd.
CA  92806
Performance Distributors
Chet Herbert Cams
1933 S. Manchester
CA  92803
Summit Racing Equipment
P.O. Box 909
OH  44309
P.O. Box 1406
Downer’s Grove
IL  60515
Tilton Engineering
P.O. Box 1787
25 Easy St.
CA  93427
Edelbrock Corporation
2700 California St.
CA  90503
Vibratech Inc.
11980 Walden Ave.
NY  14004-9790
Lopez Crankshaft
8222 Sorensen Ave., Units C & D
Santa Fe Springs
CA  90670
Woodruff’s Engine Specialists
154 S. Cypress
CA  92866