11. A variety of filler neck and cap options are available. In this case the cap will be accessed through a door in the bed floor.

12. The first step to installing the pump and pickup is making an opening with a hole saw.

13. With the opening cut, a guide is put in place to drill mounting holes for the pump. This guide will also be used to install the foam basket the pump fits in.

14. With the tank cleaned of debris from drilling, the depth of the tank is measured so the pump bracket and the baffle/basket assembly can be cut to the proper length.

15. Here, the foam baffle is trimmed to length. The black portion at the bottom acts as a sump to keep the pump supplied with fuel.

16. This is the split ring that has studs to secure the pump bracket/pickup assembly to the tank. With the studs sticking up through the tank it stays in place.

17. With the studs protruding from the tank the drill guide is put back in place.

18. The rounded edges of the drill guide make it easy to install the foam basket without damage.

19. With the depth of the tank known, the pickup tube can be cut to position the pump properly.

20. After the mounting bracket is cut to length the electrical lead is plugged into the pump.

21. The Aeromotive 340 fuel pump is slipped into a foam sleeve, attached to the inlet tube then secured to the pump with hose clamps. The short, white tube is the fuel return.

22. To prevent seepage before the pump assembly is installed a thick gasket is slipped over the studs.

23. The pump and pickup is simply dropped in place and secured with the included lock nuts. The outlet, vent, and return connections are ORB-06. Plus and minus connections are power and ground for the pump.

24. After adjusting the fuel level sender for the depth of the tank, it was put in place.

25. The fuel sender has two electrical connections. The center stud is for the wire from the gauge; the other connection is for a ground wire, which should be run to the frame as there is normally an insulator of some sort between the tank mounts and the frame.

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