The plan, though simple in its form, gave me a moment for pause since a push-in style breather or PCV valve still allows for a little blow-by at the grommet. Since I didn't want to deal with an oily mess as much as I could help it I decided to shift gears. The other problem is the aforementioned fact that when the engine makes boost, the PCV valve in the valley cover would be forced shut, thereby decapitating our crankcase ventilation system. After consulting a few engine builders much wiser than I, it was decided to forego a PCV valve entirely and allow the valley cover to vent to a catch can, just like the valve covers would now be.

This system would be fairly simple, but would rely on the pressure in the engine to relieve itself, since there wasn't a way—vacuum pump aside—to draw the vapors from the engine. It did however, have the benefit of three different outlets, ensuring that any pressure that could be trapped internally had a way out. I also came up with an alternative to the push-in PCV idea after messing with the Aeromotive fuel system mentioned elsewhere in this very issue, which I think will solve the blow-by dilemma that a traditional push-in breather/PCV can suffer from.

At the end of the day, I'm pleased that our engine is properly ventilated and sealed so as to not blow oil and vapor all over our engine compartment. Though it added a few extra components under the hood, I opted to live with them given the improvements to our setup they'll no doubt yield.

Easy AN Assembly

When it comes to assembling AN lines using braided hose, having the right tools is key. We found this Koul Tools AN Assembly Tool on Summit Racing's website. After building the fuel lines without one, we thought it a must-have for anyone who's going to equip their vehicle with braided hose.

10. Each tool is size specific. Here, we'll be assembling AN-6 lines. First, a socket is placed inside one half of the assembly tool.

11. Then the two halves are assembled and placed in a vise. A little silicone spray will help the assembly.

12. Next, the braided hose is pushed into the assembly tool. A little "twist o' the wrist" ensures it slides all the way home.

13. Next, the socket and hose are removed from the assembly tool and attached to the insert.

14. And there you have it, one AN fitting assembled the "Koul" way!

An Alternative Oil Fill

With the new crankcase ventilation system complete, it was painfully obvious that I would have to come up with an alternative method to filling the engine with oil. Equipped with push-in style breathers, it's a simple task of pulling a breather out of its grommet and adding oil. With our ventilation system "hard lined" to each valve cover however, it's not so simple. I didn't want to have to remove the AN line every time a little "top off" was due as that would require carrying an AN wrench in the truck as well as a funnel. The solution needed to be simple and easy, requiring nothing but a quart of oil and a free hand.

15. Looking no further than the existing clutch master cylinder, I made a quick phone call to the guys at Wilwood to see if they offer a matching stand-alone reservoir. It turns out, not only do they, but they also offer a slick billet mounting bracket.

16. The mounting location only needs to be higher than the valve cover so that gravity will kick in when it comes time to add oil. I decided to mount the Wilwood oil fill cylinder on the opposite side of the brake master, effectively flanking it in a reservoir sandwich.

17. The outlet on the reservoir is 3/8-24, so it's a simple matter of mating an AN-6 elbow before figuring out how to run the line from there to the valve cover.

18. Another 3/8-24 fitting/AN adapter tapped into the top of the valve cover and mated to an AN-6 90-degree elbow will act as the inlet side of the line.

19. With a short section of stainless braided hose assembled to both fittings, we now have a trick oil fill setup that makes quick, easy, and most important of all, clean oil filling.

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