8. Here, the top edge of the door has been welded

9. After grinding, the gap between the door and body is perfectly uniform.

10. In some instances the gaps need to be closed. In this case, a length of welding rod will be added to the edge of the door.

11. The welding rod was tacked to the edge of the door. A body hammer was used to gently tap it into the proper shape.

12. After completely welding the rod to the door, the final fitting was done with a drum sander.

13. The end result was a consistent gap, but Jason wasn't quite done.

14. To smooth the surrounding area, the factory body seam above the door was welded and ground smooth.

15. A subtle modification is to round the leading edge of the door opening to match the curve of the windshield post.

16. The initial trimming was done with a cutoff wheel.

17. The final shape was established with a 36-grit disc on an air grinder.

18. Like the upper doorframe, the edges of the door had to be welded. Here it is after grinding.

19. To form the rounded edge in the body, a filler piece of sheetmetal was wrapped around the modified door.

20. Tack-welded in place, the new piece follows the shape of the door and establishes an even gap.

21. Next, a small filler piece was cut to “re-skin” the outer edge of the door opening.

22. The filler piece was tack-welded in place and the gap was checked.

23. Happy with the fit, Jason welded the filler piece in place and ground the surface smooth.

24. With the door gap issues resolved Jason turned his attention to installing the first-gen Camaro door handles. First, the shape of the new handle was traced on the door.

25. The tracing revealed that the original door handle hole would have to be partially filled.

26. The large hole to the rear of the door was modified and a new hole for the stud on the handle would have to be drilled.

27. Stock Camaro hardware holds the new handle in place.

28. The Eddie Motorsports billet Camaro handle looks clean and it works with the original truck door latch mechanism.

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