Stoker’s Hot Rod Factory Adjustable LS Engine Adapters

The Right Fit

The days of having to guess what bracket off-set you need are now a thing of the past! Stoker’s Hot Rod Factory has just introduced their new 6-inch adjustable LS Engine adapters. These new adapters will help anyone trying to retro-fit an LS engine into any of their classic or late-model trucks. These are designed to use GM rubber or Polyurethane motor mounts.

Stoker’s Hot Rod Factory

PerTronix Quick Change Crimping Tool

It’s Crimping Time

PerTronix has released a Wire Terminal Crimping Tool for automotive use. This tool offers the user an ambidextrous, non-slip, rubber grip. What sets this crimper apart from the others is its interchangeable die set. You do not have to use any tools to change the die sets and it will handle almost any automotive terminal including insulated and non-insulated terminals, D-Sub terminals, open barrel terminals, and naturally spark plug wire terminals.

PerTronix Performance Products

Speedway Motors Firewall Mount Pedal Assemblies

A Universal Solution

Speedway has just introduced their affordable line of firewall mount pedal assemblies that are engineered for both easy installation and strength. The steel mounting brackets can be bolted or welded to the flat firewall to provide support for your master cylinder, power booster, and clutch master cylinder. Bronze bushings have been used to ensure that everything swings smoothly. The assemblies are made in the United States and are hit with a bright zinc plated finish to prevent corrosion.

Speedway Motors

Be Cool 1,000 HP Direct-Fit Cooling System Modules

Forget About Overheating

It’s not easy to keep racing engines cool. Thankfully, Be Cool has a solution for people using engines that have 1000+ horsepower. Be Cool’s Direct-Cooling System Modules offer maximum core surface area and electric fans that fit in most vehicles. All Be Cool radiators feature folded and tapered aluminum tanks, a billet filler neck, OE inlet and outlet, epoxy-free construction, and 7-plate trans coolers for automatic transmissions. All Be Cool radiators are backed by a one year warranty and two year warranty if you use Be Coolant antifreeze.

Be Cool

Wilton Spark Duty F-Clamps

A Better Hold

Wilton is now offering a new line of welding F-Clamps. The clamps differ from the usual black-oxide finish F-clamps because they are copper plated. By making them copper plated, the F-Clamps are unmatched in deflecting weld spatter and they are far more durable than others. They also add extra protection to the spindle and pad which commonly get worn out first. Wilton’s Spark Duty F-Clamps are divided into three categories: light-duty (2,000lbs. clamping force) medium-duty (2,400lbs. clamping force) and heavy-duty (4,800lbs. clamping force).