BOB’S F-100 Power Brake Kit for 1957-1961 Ford Trucks

Stop on Command

BOB’s F-100 Parts has created a bolt-on brake kit for 1957-1960 and 1961-1966 Ford Trucks. This modern day brake system comes with detailed instructions on how to install it, master cylinder and booster set up that separates front brakes from rear. The master cylinder and booster are also available in Chrome if that is your preference and any fittings or valves that you may need are available as well.

BOB’s F-100 Parts and Restoration
9372 Mission Blvd, Riverside, CA, 92509

Painless Performance Classic Braid Wire Loom

The Final Touch

After you finish wiring your truck, it’s time to add the “final touch.” Painless Performance has created a cloth-look wrap that mimics the look of other OEM harnesses but is made out of stronger fine mesh material. The Classic Braid loom can resist cuts and keeps its shape up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. The Classic Braid Wire Loom comes in sizes 3.16-, 5/16-, 3/8-, and ½-inch

Painless Performance
2501 Ludelle St, Fort Worth, TX 76105

Jasper 330HP Chevrolet 350 Stock Performance Engine

3-Year/100,000 Mile Warranty

Looking to up the performance in your truck? JASPER offers a 330hp Chevrolet 350 that churns out 330hp at 5,400rpm and 374 ft-lb of torque at 3,800 rpm. All JASPER’s engines receive torque plate honing, three-angle valve seat machining and live-test running. On top of that, special components are added like Vortec-style cylinder heads. This JASPER engine is backed by a 3-Year/100,000 Mile nationwide parts and labor warranty.

JASPER Engines & Transmissions
815 Wemsing Road, Jasper, IN 47547-0650

Horkey’s Tailgate Hinges For 1948-85 Dodge Trucks

Better Hinges

Horkey’s has recently come out with new tailgate hinges for your 1948-85 Dodge truck. What makes these so great is the quality. All of Horkey’s hinges are laser cut to perfection, polished and buffed to a mirror finish, and the TIG welded and rebuffed to last you a lifetime. Horkey’s offers many parts for restoring and customizing your pickups.

Horkey's Wood and Parts, Inc.
46284 440th St., Windom, MN 56101

Flaming River’s Programmable RFID Keyless Ignition System

Hands Free

No need to turn the ignition, Flaming River has expanded their line of keyless ignition systems. Flaming River’s RFID wireless keyless ignition system uses proximity technology to allow your car to start up the engine. This system can stand alone on its own in any vehicle or it can be integrated into any of the tilt columns. Not only that, this system can also grant wireless door entry, trunk opening, and other remote controlled accessories.

Flaming River
800 Poertner Drive, Berea, OH 44017