20. Take your time to carefully cut out and mount the supplied template to the door jamb with masking tape and trace out the area to be cut with a felt-tip marker.

21. Here you can see the huge difference between the factory latch assembly on the left when compared to the new bear jaw rotary claw latch from Altman.

22. Once your new opening is traced, remove the template and prepare to start cutting. Wearing safety glasses, Wilkins used an air-driven hacksaw to carefully carve his way through the steel.

23. With the opening completed, he followed first with a flat file to deburr the area and continued on with a small air-driven angle grinder topped with a 50-grit disc.

24. Using the provided ¼-inch bolt, secure the new polished stainless jamb plate in place to mark the four corner mounting points. A 17⁄64-inch drill bit was used for this step.

25. Check your plate alignment while drilling out the mounting points. A hammer and center punch helped set the holes prior to drilling.

26. Using the supplied ¼-inch Allen head hardware, lock washers, and bolts, carefully tighten the jamb plate in place. The jamb plate looks right at home and is perfectly balanced in its installation to the door.

27. Next the bear jaw rotary claw latch was installed using the provided ¼-inch Allen head hardware and a dab of red Loctite. 

28. With the jamb plate and latch installed it was time to bolt the inner door handle linkage to the new bear jaw rotary claw latch using the supplied hardware. 

29-30-31. The stock lock cylinder (left) needs to have its pin changed to operate the new latch. Using a small screwdriver, depress the spring and slide the stock pin out (center). Place spring onto Easy Latch lock cylinder pin and install pin back into lock cylinder.

32. Remove the existing striker using a Phillips head screwdriver. Clean and prepare the area for the new striker installation.

33. Here you can see just how nice the new striker assembly from Altman is, including the durable stainless steel striker bolt. 

34. The striker plate and striker bolt were loosely set into position and carefully tightened, adjusted, and finally secured in place to ensure smooth operation. 

35. With great looks, safety, and added strength, it’s a snap to install the Altman Easy Latch kit in your classic Ford or Chevy, which will provide years of trouble-free service.

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