So you’ve just washed, waxed, detailed, and dialed in that classic beauty and she’s never looked better. The problem is, if you park it outside, that spotless treatment is never going to last. And if you park it in the garage, what’s going to keep the myriad of stuff that gets stored in there that shouldn’t be from bumping into your priceless ride? We all wish we could cast a bubble ’round our beloved rides to protect them from all the various elements that they get bombarded with once parked, but unfortunately, we can’t.

We can protect them from most of those evildoers, however, with help from California Car Cover. Though they’ve branched out over the years to include a huge line of car-care products, protectants, and all-around fun car-guy goodies, California Car Cover Company’s cornerstone product has always been their custom-fit car covers.

Each cover is designed with factors in mind such as weather conditions, ease-of-use, paint and upholstery protection, and resistance to water, sun, and wind. Their covers are guaranteed to never scratch that perfect paintjob and feature elastic tensioners sewn into the front and rear to facilitate a snug fit. Precision cut on computer-controlled equipment, each seam is overlapped and double-stitched for optimum sealing and durability from tightly woven material to prevent shrinkage from wet/dry cycles. The permeable fabrics are also treated with 3M Scotchgard for the ultimate in water repellency. Available in a number of colors, every cover is made in the USA and comes with a four-year limited warranty.

The myriad of options available from California Car Cover can be slightly overwhelming for the uninitiated, so we contacted the guys to give us a simple breakdown on some of the most popular options and what you need to know when it comes to selecting a cover to protect your pickup treasure.

Stormweave – Highly water resistant with the ability to block 99 percent of UV rays from the sun, Stormweave also has an Ultraviolet Protection Factor of 180. That’s over four times that of other cheap imitation fabrics; significant because UV rays are what damage both the interior and exterior of your truck. Constructed of four layers of fabric, two center layers made from short, dense fibers that act as a moisture barrier to repel water, a stronger outer layer and a soft inner layer constructed with processes used for their Dustop material, which provides gentle protection for fine paint finishes. This dense construction is great as a cushion against parking lot dings, nicks, dents, and is resistant to tears and punctures.

Superweave – The most UV-, water-, and weather-resistant cover available, Superweave covers are extremely versatile and provide unsurpassed protection from dust, moisture, and pollutants. The encapsulation technology goes inside the fabric, around the fibers, which results in a silky smooth finish that glides over fine paint finishes. Completely dust proof, yet it still remains exceptionally breathable, allowing moisture, condensation, and heat to easily escape from underneath the cover. Water beads up and runs right off the cover and any moisture left is usually dry within 10 minutes. It’s unique, lightweight design enables it to fold up to 1⁄3 the size of typical outdoor covers and is easy to care for, being washer and dryer safe.

Noah – Kimberly Clark’s Noah material stops virtually all dust, dirt, and pollution and is highly water resistant, making it ideal for an extended-use outdoor cover. Made with breathable film technology, this space-age material also provides the ultimate barrier of protection yet still allows for moisture and condensation to evaporate away from your truck’s finish. The protective outer layer uses sheath-core technology to give it strength and softness, while the micro-porous middle layer is a breathable film with microscopic holes smaller than a drop of water or dust, yet large enough to allow moisture to escape. The soft, paint-protecting layer is soft to the touch and great for even the most exotic finishes.

Ultraweave – Another durable outdoor material that provides a high degree of water resistance and UV protection is Ultraweave. Designed to retain its color and strength in extended outdoor usage, the water-repellent “Hydromax” finish on both sides protects against rain, while allowing the fabric to be exceptionally breathable. Made of a woven fabric that uses extra-strong double 150-D yarns for minimal stretch to retain a superior shape and fit yet still retain a luxurious touch and feel. Heavy enough to stay in place and light enough to easily handle on a daily basis, most midsized Ultraweave covers can also be cleaned in the home washer and dryer.

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