Vintage Spinners

Rocket Racing Wheel’s new vintage-style knock-off is a great addition to any of their wheel designs, from the Fuel to the Velocity series. The flat-angle knock-off is designed to fit in the high-offset modern muscle application as well as 6-inch and narrower classic applications. For wider, zero-offset wheels, Rocket has a deep angle knock-off that’s built for such applications.

Rocket Racing Wheels
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Piece in the Valley

Designed to fit snugly beneath the intake manifold on Gen III-series GM V-8s, Hamburger’s billet LS engine valley covers feature a type-two anodized finish to dress up the engine bay. Compatible with most factory and aftermarket intakes, they also retain the factory O-ring and include stainless-steel button-socket head screws for mounting.

Hamburger's Performance
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Alloy Induction

Holley’s popular 600-cfm square bowl carbs are now available with an aluminum main body, float bowls, throttle body, and metering block. That translates into a 40-percent weight savings and a polished finish that stays shiny longer, all with a price tag that fits any budget. Available with either manual or electric choke, both feature a single push-on style fuel inlet, multiple vacuum ports for accessories, and Ford A/T kickdown. Linkage for 700-R4 and 4L60/80E TPS kits is available separately.

Holley Performance Products
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Fender Savers

Plushweave Fender Covers were designed, developed, and tested in the California Car Cover garage and used on a regular basis by DeFrank & Sons Raving. The material is the same flannel-lined 100-percent cotton found in their wildly popular Plushweave car covers that have been a staple of their business since 1989. Super soft and gentle, the ultra-dense construction provides a cushioning barrier between you and your truck’s paint and the three stitched pockets keep small tools within easy reach with two strong magnets nestled in padded corners to hold the cover securely in place.

California Car Cover
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Edelbrock’s new black powdercoated Victor Series water pumps are the latest in a line of Edelbrock products to receive the shiny coating. Designed to match their line of air cleaners, valve covers, carburetors, and intake manifolds, the Victor Series water pumps are cast in their ultra-modern foundry and made from A356 aluminum heat-treated to T-6 spec. They feature a heavy-duty ¾-inch integral ball/roller bearing that offers low friction for improved performance and a billet steel hub for extreme durability. A six-vane powdered metal precision cast impeller improves coolant flow and ensures equal distribution to both sides of the block.

Edelbrock, LLC.
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EZ Wax

Waxing your truck used to be a big job, but not anymore. Now you can do it with little effort thanks to the new Eagle One Wax As-U-Dry. Wash your vehicle and leave it wet, then spray on Wax As-U-Dry, and proceed to dry with a towel or chamois and you have that “just waxed” look. It’s that easy. Boasting an exclusive carnauba formula, Wax As-U-Dry reacts with water to quickly penetrate the surface, leaving wax protection without haze, streaks, residue, and discoloring trim. It also contains an anti-corrosion additive that protects paint from rust, road salt, acid rain, and bird droppings.

Eagle One
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