What they recommended was their complete steering wheel restoration kit which consists of two cans of PC-7 epoxy, plastic adhesion promoter, and a can of PRE paint prep. Not having the slightest clue how to go forward, I also had them send along their Steering Wheel Restoration Handbook, which handed down some pretty good tech tips.

With a decent plan in hand, I then decided that I wanted to crank it up a notch and replace my original standard wheel with a Deluxe CST steering wheel that I found on eBay. It had the usual cracks in the plastic, but overall was in pretty good shape. More importantly, the CST horn button was in really good shape. I was never really excited about the standard Chevy horn button that my truck came with and it was pretty thrashed, so making the swap simply made that much more sense.

Next month, we’ll tackle installing the newly restored and reduced wheel on a new tilt column from ididit, as well as mating the whole shebang up to a CPP power steering box, but until then, check out how I went from an oversized, crusty steering wheel to one that not only matches the rest of my truck, but works even better. CCT