Spot On!

The Eastwood Company’s new spot-weld kit makes it easy to produce professional spot welds using a standard MIG welder. Combining spot-weld pliers and a unique spot-weld nozzle, Eastwood has made it possible for the DIY’ers to produce full-penetration, OE-look spot welds from one side of a repair panel. The spot nozzle works with any 220-volt MIG welder using a Tweco-style gun. Operation is as simple as setting the welder to its highest power setting and 1⁄3 wire speed, clamping the spot pliers over the desired area, inserting the spot nozzle between the pliers’ forked jaws, and pulling the trigger for three seconds. For MIG welders running on standard 110 volts, the kit includes HSS drill bits for drilling pilot holes in the top panel to help achieve a strong, fully penetrated weld.

The Eastwood Company
(800) 343-9353

Patch Up Your Life

Premier Street Rods is now offering a number of replacement patch panels for ’47-53 Chevy pickups. Stamped from 18-gauge steel and e-coated for ultimate protection from the elements, Premier’s line of replacement panels are the perfect solution to those rotted-out areas of your classic Chevy.

Premier Street Rods
(800) 447-5000

High-Power Upgrade

Billet Specialties’ Tru Trac serpentine systems are now equipped with Powermaster 140-amp alternators, keeping up with the demands of today’s modern electrical accessories. Every Tru Trac system also features their exclusive billet aluminum tensioner, which is engineered specifically for each application to ensure consistent tension and reliability.

Billet Specialties
(877) 240-4187

Catch and Release

Finding rare accessories for that classic truck can be one of the hardest aspects of building an era-specific project. But not anymore thanks to The Filling Station’s reproduction radiator overflow tanks for ’38-55 Chevy and GMC pickups. It captures overflow coolant and steam from the radiator in the tank then condenses it back to water and returns it to the radiator. Each kit comes with two different decals (for early or late versions), hose, and mounting hardware.

The Filling Station
(800) 841-6622

Cover Up

Proform’s tall, slant-edge valve covers are the answer to the ugly LS blues. Designed to fit all LS cylinder heads, they provide a significant increase in valvetrain space to accommodate aftermarket roller rockers or shaft-mounted rocker systems. Unique mounting studs and oil-restricting baffles are included, and both covers feature predrilled and threaded mounting holes that can be used to mount Proform’s integrated ignition coil bracket, the perfect upgrade for those who are not interested in relocating the coils.

(586) 774-2500

Finned Finesse

Cast in A-356 aircraft alloy and polished to show-quality standards, OTB Gear’s new 12x8-inch Razorback air cleaner comes with their exclusive Platinum Series washable, oiled, permanent filter and features a neutral gray element and a stainless steel mesh grille.

OTB Gear
(909) 595-4995

Bend Me, Shape Me

One of the most important tools you can have in your toolbox is a tube bender. Classic Tube has a great selection of hand-held tube benders like this Triple Bender (#3755), which is powdercoated for long-lasting durability. It features three bending grooves for bending either ¼- or 3⁄16-, (one groove does both sizes), 5⁄16-, or 3⁄8-inch tubing. It will provide smooth bends starting at 0 degrees, and going up in 15-degree increments, to 90 degrees. Both right and left-hand bends are possible using the adjustable handle. It’s perfect for the do-it-yourselfer or professional mechanic and covers all common tubing sizes for trucks.

Classic Tube
(800) 882-3711

Extended Life

AMSOIL has released a trio of new synthetic oils, 0W-20, 5W-30, and 10W-30 to round out their new Signature Series line. Featuring all-new packaging, the Signature Series represents the very best motor oils AMSOIL has to offer, allowing motorists to take advantage of maximum extended drain intervals, up to 25,000 miles or one year. That translates to a singular oil change annually for moderate usage vehicles such as our classic trucks.

(800) 777-8491

Smooth As Glass

Meguiar’s has updated its Smooth Surface Clay Kit to include 60-percent more of their premium white, non-abrasive clay with two 80-gram clay bars that are individually wrapped in a moisture-seal storage case. Also new for this kit is a 6 oz. bottle of Ultimate Quik Wax, giving truck owners a fast and easy way to wax their truck after safely and instantly removing contaminates using the clay bar.

(800) 347-5700