Since Danny had been driving the truck around for as long as he had, I assumed that the drum brakes must be working better than I would expect. I was nervously amused, however, when I stepped on the brake approaching the street from the parking lot and didn’t feel that sudden deceleration that one expects when said pedal is applied. Instead, I kept on rolling toward the street, directly in the path of an oncoming vehicle. A quick, anxious jab of the brake pedal got the truck stopped, however, and I laughed out loud, quickly reminding myself that I was driving a 4,000-pound truck with drum brakes that I wasn’t used to.

Since completing the upgrade, I asked Danny how the truck handles, then and now.

“Before when I would hit the brakes on the freeway, I would never know which direction it would decide to head as one brake overpowered the other. It was a constant struggle to keep the truck heading in straight line. Now, you simply mash the brake pedal and it comes to a swift, straight stop. A light amount of pressure on the pedal is all it takes to keep it from creeping at a stop sign as well, so that’s a great improvement to my daily commute.”

Nothing beats a little personal testimonial, eh?! CCT

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