Full Feature Four-Bar

The suspension experts at Art Morrison Enterprises (AME) have developed a kit that allows builders to adapt a highly effective, adjustable four-bar rear suspension to a wide variety of vehicles. Notable benefits of this setup from AME include the use of Johnny Joint lubricated rod ends that provide the articulation and “tightness” of competition spherical bearings for precise housing control and provide the necessary harmonic dampening and quiet operation. Adjustable coilover shocks and the ability to “tune” the roll stiffness through the adjustable antisway bar allows the suspension to be set up as tight as desired.

Included in the AME package are four Big Tube bars with Johnny Joints and mounting brackets, rearend housing mounts, a crossmember and coilover mounts, a pair of Strange adjustable coilover shocks, an antisway bar with mounts and adjusting links, plus all required hardware.

Art Morrison Enterpirses
(800) 929-7188

Get Hooked Up

Holley Performance Products announced their new Hooker brand LS cast-iron exhaust manifolds, which are the perfect solution for exhaust in a tight engine bay or where the maintenance-free characteristics of manifolds are desired.

Designed to hug close to the engine block so they fit into a wide variety of replacement and engine swap applications, their contoured design aims the exhaust directly at the exit port for improved flow. Being cast iron means they will provide years of leak-free performance with less underhood noise than traditional headers. Plus, their shorty design means you can route exhaust tubing close to your frame and floor pan for maximum ground clearance. The manifolds are available in five finish options, including cast-iron gray ceramic, silver ceramic, titanium ceramic, black ceramic, and as-cast.

Holley Performance Products
(800) 465-5391

Simple Speedo

Simplify the installation of your electronic speedometer with this new GPS Speedometer Sending Unit from Speedway Motors, the latest technology in sending units for electronic speedometers.

Speedway’s sealed electronic sending unit uses GPS triangulation to calculate true ground speed regardless of gear ratio, tire size, or any other mechanical factors. No calibration is needed! The GPS Speedometer Sending Unit has a very simple four-wire hookup and can be used with 8- or 16-pulse aftermarket electronic speedometers. The compact unit has a footprint about the size of a business card and can be mounted under the dash or under the hood, requiring only 3 inches of clearance between the top of the unit and surrounding steel.

Speedway Motors
(800) 979-0122

Flexible Fittings

Russell Performance, a division of Edelbrock, offers a variety of radius port hose end fittings for automotive plumbing.

Their latest full-flow swivel radius port hose ends allow users to plumb regulators, fuel pumps, and dry-sump systems with a minimum of fittings and connections. Designed for use with straight port threads, these ends eliminate the secondary adapter previously required for a complete installation. The hose ends attach directly to the component utilizing a Viton O-ring for a positive seal. The radius end and thread length design allow full engagement without blocking the port for unrestricted flow. These fittings are available in 45 and 90 degrees for flexibility in hose routing and -6 to -12 AN inlet and outlet sizes for various applications.

Russell Performance
(800) 416-8628

Go Retro

Instead of the standard knob everybody has, ididit is now including its sleek and stylish Retro Knobs on ’55-59 Chevy truck Retrofit columns. Ididit’s Retro Knobs more closely resemble the vehicle’s original design, which adds even more style to your ride!

ididit Inc.
(517) 424-0577

A More Solid Mount

Trans-Dapt Performance Products has unveiled a new line of engine swap motor mount kits and transmission crossmembers with rugged, ultradurable polyurethane mounting pads.

By resisting flex and deflection, polyurethane mounts channel more power to the tires than standard rubber mounts. The result is a better foundation for your motor swap and improved performance. The new Trans-Dapt kits are available for dozens of applications, featuring engine and chassis combination-specific designs and include laser-cut steel brackets, polyurethane pads, and mounting hardware.

Trans-Dapt Performance Products
(562) 921-0404

Cool TIG Tech

Weldcraft has a new option to help meet the needs of demanding water-cooled TIG-welding applications. The new WP-280 water-cooled TIG torch has been designed with the company’s exclusive Super Cool Technology to provide consistent and dependable cooling performance. This technology consists of a unique design that improves the torch’s efficiency, resulting in less downtime due to overheating and a longer lasting torch.

The WP-280 TIG torch body also includes an anti-rotation feature to prevent handle movement during welding and improve operator control. Adding to its maneuverability is the torch’s Tri-Flex hose and cable assembly, which has been designed to remain flexible in cold weather, improve operator control, and prevent cracking. ColorSmart hose and cable sets differentiate input water, water/power cable, and gas hoses to simplify torch installation.

The WP-280 TIG torch has additional features to improve performance and increase product longevity, including durable copper components that maximize current capacity and high-temperature silicone rubber insulation to protect against high-frequency voltage leaks. Mechanical fittings also provide a secure gas and water connection to prevent leakage and allow end users to replace hoses easily as needed.

(800) 752-7620

Free and Clear

Any truck enthusiast knows that the finishing touch of a freshly detailed car is a set of clean, crystal-clear windows. This is why the car-crazy professionals at Meguiar’s just made it easier to get a streak-free glass finish with the introduction of the all-new Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner.

Taking glass care to the next level, Meguiar’s made sure to bottle up the latest in glass-care technology for 2012. Complete with a new dust-repellant solution, this product is guaranteed to help glass surfaces stay cleaner longer, reducing the time and effort spent on car care. What’s more, the Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner contains a unique lubricant that creates an easy slide effect between the product and any cloth surface, ensuring that no residue is left behind. Instead, dirt is swept away and the transparent look of any glass surface is restored.

(800) 347-5700


Highly prized by owners and diligently sought after by everyone else, rippled lakes pipes have been unavailable for decades. Now kustom enthusiasts will have a chance to own a set of these triple-chrome, handmade beauties just by calling Night Prowlers.

Made to faithfully represent original Fenton ripple pipes of long ago, these custom, handmade in the United States, triple-chrome beauties are worthy of the finest kustom truck in the country and are made to last on any driven hauler too!

The standard size of these lakes pipes is 75 inches long with a 13⁄4-inch diameter and 45-degree turnouts, while special custom lengths are also available by request.

Night Prowlers
(855) 776-9537

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