Whether repping your favorite team, waving your political flag, boasting your music savvy, or supporting a good cause, outfitting vehicles with a bumper sticker has been one of the most coveted forms of expression for decades. Now, 3M is turning the traditional bumper sticker on its head with the new 3M™ Custom Image Kit ($24.99). The comprehensive kit utilizes abrasive and film technology to let users apply a desired "decal" by hand. It also offers everything you need to complete the process in a series of simple steps and a single afternoon’s time, including details on how to create a custom image stencil, place the image stencil on your vehicle, and apply the image in a matte finish using a multi-step sanding process. The best part? You can remove the graphic if desired and restore the finish without any damage to your paint.

Additional details and how-to video available at www.3MAuto.com