Heavy Duty Rear

Responding to the requests of their dealers and customers, the Heidts Automotive Group engineering team has developed a high-horsepower, universal application of the award-winning Pro-G IRS design and geometry.

The new Universal HHP IRS features a fully-welded and boxed, cut-to-fit upper cross member, heavy-duty upper and lower control arms, fully welded uprights, heavy duty constant-velocity joints and axle shafts as well as Heidts’ own cast center section that can be loaded with a wide range of gear ratios and posi-traction differentials. The HHP IRS also makes use of standard 10½-inch inboard-mounted disc brakes with four-piston Wilwood calipers. Based upon the intended vehicle application, the Heidts sales team will help the customer select the proper spring rates for the coil-over shock assemblies. To aid in custom installations, the HHP IRS is available in both 56- and 58-inch frame rail width versions.

Heidts Automotive Group
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Water-Free Car Wash

Meguiar’s has developed the all new Ultimate Wash & Wax Anywhere. This specially designed formula cleans and protects any vehicle without the need for water, a hose, or a bucket (in most cases).

Perfect for urban dwellers, those with limited access to water, or the hot rodder that just arrived at a cruise, Ultimate Wash & Wax Anywhere safely lifts away dirt and grime while leaving behind a protective layer of hydrophobic wax. In as little as 15 minutes, this new formula can morph a drab and dirty appearance into a stunning, clean and shiny car, without a drop of water. What’s more, depending on how dirty the car is, a single bottle, along with the help of a few microfiber towels can wash and wax up to five average sized cars.

To use this spray, simply mist onto the surface of the vehicle and wipe away using a Meguiar’s Supreme Shine or other high quality microfiber towel. Ultimate Wash & Wax Anywhere’s unique chemistry insures a scratch-free finish when used as directed, as special lubricants and cleaning agents safely loosen and then gently remove the dirt. Follow with a quick wipe from a clean, dry towel and the surface is left with a beautiful, glossy, just-waxed finish.

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Better Window Rubber

Steele Rubber Products introduces a new windshield seal for mid-’60s pickup trucks and vans. This windshield gasket is fully molded from dense rubber and requires no splicing for easier installation. The seal fits ’64-66 Chevy and GMC Trucks and Vans without reveal molding and replaces original factory PN 3794940. The seal is made from Steele’s own heat and ozone-resistant rubber compound and their close attention to detail ensures the highest quality fit and appearance.

Steele Rubber Products
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Heavy Handling

Trucks are the perfect application for an air suspension. The weight load can vary by several thousand pounds from trailers, people, or other cargo and with a traditional leaf spring suspension, you are forced to endure a harsh ride quality when unloaded in order to accommodate any anticipated cargo when loaded. With air suspension, however, you can adjust the spring rate via air pressure to be appropriate for any cargo load, light or heavy!

RideTech has introduced their new HD four-Link rear suspension to fit a wide variety of trucks. The HD four-link offers a huge improvement in not only ride quality, but also load capacity and handling performance as well. By virtue of its highly adaptable design and weld-on installation, it will fit a wide range of ½- to 1-ton trucks.

The HD four-link features 1½-inch diameter 0.188-inch wall DOM tube four-link bars, large durable poly bushings, 2-inch diameter ¼-inch wall tubing bridge, ¼-inch thick plate steel brackets, and Firestone airsprings with a total load capacity of around 7,000 pounds.

Popular options for the HD four-link include the new RideTech impact forged Monotube shocks, your choice of universal or model specific panhard bar kits, and a variety of compressor and control systems to fit any budget or performance level.

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