Plug & Play

PerTronix’s new plug-and play-cast distributors for Ford 221-302ci, and small- and big-block Chevrolet engine applications are designed to provide maximum ignition performance and easy installation all at a price you can afford.

This distributor allows you to upgrade your outdated points or stock electronic distributor with a performance proven distributor that features the patented Ignitor or Ignitor III electronic ignition module and an OE look cast aluminum housing. These distributors are perfect for the restoration guys who want a stock-look distributor without having to use a worn out, 40-year-old part or the ultimate sleeper who wants to hide the modern performance.

The PerTronix Ignitor is also compatible with any inductive ignition system coil, but high RPM performance can be improved when used with their low resistance Flame-Thrower coils. If you’re using a capacitive discharge system or the PerTronix Second Strike box, no problem, the PerTronix distributor is compatible. The Ignitor III version features a builtin digital rev limiter and multi-spark, so no external box is needed.

Unlike most auto parts store distributors, these units feature all brand-new (not rebuilt) parts. The gears are hardened steel for exact tolerances and the vacuum canister is adjustable for optimum performance. The mechanical advance curve has been tailored for top performance and drivability. The distributors come with high dielectric strength cap and rotor with brass contacts.

(909) 599-5955

Devilish Fuel Delivery

The introduction of an all-new carburetor, especially in this millennium, has become increasingly rare, but Demon Carburetion has done just that. Named the 625 Street Demon, it is engineered for hot rods with stock to mildly modified engines.

In appearance, its cast aluminum construction exhibits smooth and flowing contours and in operation it accommodates either square- or spread-bore-pattern intake manifolds without adapters.

A single fuel inlet ensures simple installation and two-stage metering rods accommodate most tuning requirements, without carburetor disassembly or removal. For cold starting, a proven electric-assist bimetal coil choke is provided.

Street Demons are available in three forms: all aluminum tumble-burnished, tumble-burnished with polymer fuel bowl, and all aluminum hand polished.

Demon Carburetion
(270) 438-2039

Carefree Crimping Service

Gotta Show Products announces free crimping and 500-pound pressure testing on all fittings they manufacture (for rubber or braided hose). Turnaround time is usually one business day for hoses that are properly cut, assembled, and marked. Instructions for assembly come with every kit or may be downloaded from their website. They will return ship at cost through UPS (ground, three-day select, two-day or next day air) depending on the customer’s choosing.

Gotta Show Products
(602) 237-4506

IFS for Fords

Heidts Automotive Group announced the availability of their Superide II IFS front suspension system for ’57 to ’64 Ford pickup trucks. Using their Mustang II-style dropped spindle, the innovative Heidts Superide II design uses a front steer mounted rack and pinion unit and employs a steering geometry very similar to the Mustang II, which has been proven to work very well on classic trucks.

The heavy-duty upper control arms use threaded adjusters for precise wheel alignment. Regardless of how large of road bump the suspension is subjected to, the threaded adjuster will never slip or loose alignment. The geometry of the suspension provides a low, smooth and highly steerable ride with no bump-steer and a moderate level of anti-dive already incorporated into the design.

A large, robust single-piece main crossmember makes the suspension system installation a breeze and eases engine installation. Combined with a full complement of mounting hardware and thoroughly detailed instructions, the installation will be as smooth as the ride you’ll get with the Heidts Superide II suspension system.

(800) 841-8188

New Springs Have Sprung

Viking Performance is proud to unveil its new line of ultra-lightweight, high travel, high performance coil springs. Manufactured in the USA to precision tolerances from high tensile spring steel, they’re engineered to provide the ultimate in consistent performance and are lifetime guaranteed to remain within two-percent of the original free height and rate.

Viking Performance
(800) 236-6001


Doc’s Kustom has a gas tank manufacturing division, that is, oddly enough, named Kustom Tanks. They will gladly build you a custom tank made to your own specifications, or, because the company makes a variety of tanks in useful sizes, they may already have one on the shelf that will fit your application.

All Kustom Tanks assemblies are built from lightweight 5052 aluminum and are internally baffled and pressure tested. Every tank is constructed with a sender ring, filler neck, internal pickup tube, and rollover valve for added safety. They even install a free sender in every tank they sell.

Also shown here is Doc’s billet aluminum fuel injection pump module featuring a high-performance pump, which can be ordered separately or installed in your tank assembly. Just tell them what you need and they’ll do the rest. All products are made in-house in the USA.

Doc's Kustom
(229) 528-4300

XL Pan for Fords

There is no such thing as having too much oil. It’s the blood of your engine, and without sufficient oil, it will die. High performance engines, under heavy stress, cannot be subjected to oil starvation without suffering expensive internal damage of some kind. Proform Parts has come to the rescue with this inexpensive 7-quart capacity oil pan (PN 68050) for street and strip small-block Ford engines.

The pan is zinc iridited for corrosion protection, and the sump is 8¼-inches deep. A splash baffle is provided to keep the oil in the bottom of the pan for quick pick up.

Proform Parts
(586) 774-2500

Shiny Rollers

In an effort to answer one of the most common car care questions, Meguiar’s introduces its new All Metal Wheel Polish, a product that transforms dingy, oxidized wheels into like-new shape in just minutes.

The all-new wheel cleaning formula acts quickly to remove oxidation without scratching and can be applied with either Meguiar’s DynaCone polishing tool or by hand. Leaving metals stunningly bright, this new product uses gentle polishing oils to achieve a perfect shine every time.

For use on all uncoated, polished or chrome metals, Meguiar’s All Metal Wheel Polish is safe to use on cast aluminum, magnesium and billet alloy.

(800) 347-5700

Beefy Axles

Stock axle shafts might be adequate for stock applications, but the increased demands of a high-performance vehicle can result in failure of the stock shafts. Sierra Gear & Axle offers a complete line of chromoly axle shafts designed to survive the rigors of high-performance use. Built from 4340 chromoly steel, the Sierra Gear & Axle chromoly shafts are hardened and tempered to maximize their strength and ductility. The result is a heavy-duty axle shaft that is up to 40-percent stronger than typical stock axle shafts.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your axles for added strength or simply need to replace a broken shaft, Sierra Gear’s chromoly axles are the perfect safeguard and are backed by their ten-year limited warranty. These premium axles are available for Ford, GM, and Dodge applications.

Sierra Gear & Axle
(800) 359-4737

Battery Toggle

Flaming River is proud to introduce its all new automatic battery disconnect switch. This heavy-duty 12V battery switch ties into your vehicle’s ignition to control and operate the vehicle’s battery system. When the ignition is turned to the OFF position, the battery is automatically disengaged and becomes non-operational.

Using uses passive magnetic solenoid operation, so as long as your vehicle is turned off, the battery system is automatically turned off as well. Kits available with or without 3 minute time delay.

Flaming River
(800) 648-8022

Stainless Steering Solution

When the Speedway Motors team went to the drawing board to design a new steering column, they had two goals in mind: simplicity and good looks.

The result is the new polished stainless steel steering column. This simple, attractive column is perfect for a wide range of classic trucks. It features a brilliantly polished 1¾-inch stainless steel main tube with a stylish 3-inch bell at the top. The sleek exterior houses rugged internals comprised of high-quality sealed ball bearings and a ¾-inch steel steering shaft with a Double-D end. The column accepts common three-bolt steering wheels and is available in 24-, 26-, 28-, 30-, 32-, 34-, 36- and 40-inch lengths.

Speedway Motors
(800) 979-0122

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