Complete Chevy Chassis

New from Jim Meyer Racing Products is a custom, jig-built, mandrel-bent or fabricated direct-replacement ’60-72 GM/GMC pickup chassis that offers you all the street performance options you’ll ever want in either right- or left-hand drive! Built your way with any step over the front-or-rear suspension, any tread width front or rear, or any wheelbase, it features stock cab mounts, core support mounts, front bed mounts all in their stock locations, and moves the fuel tank out of the cab to the rear of the frame!

The 2x4x0.120-inch wall chassis features beefy 2x5-inch main framerails, a new 9-inch rearend (28-, 31-,or 35-spline and any width) with adjustable urethane-bushed four-link, adjustable urethane-bushed Panhard rod, aluminum adjustable coilover shocks (front and rear) or optional remote ShockWave air spring system and an adjustable trans-crossmember that comes pre-drilled for all GM and aftermarket transmissions.

Jim Meyer Racing Products, Inc
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Not Old Stock

Tired of the same old thing? NVU has come up with a great way to get the look you want in your ’47-53 Chevy/GMC truck dash. Choose any of New Vintage’s period-styled 43⁄8-inch gauge kits and add-on their new mounting bracket for a perfect fit. The precision-cut ABS bracket features new, original-style bezels for a factory-installed look. Ditch the billet and see for yourself the difference a NVU package can make in style, finish, and quality.

As always, NVU gauges are made in Detroit and are backed by a 5-year warranty.

New Vintage USA
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EZ Clean & Lube

Eastwood’s new aerosol injected products include a specially formulated lubricant and cleaner, each designed to work in conjunction with the engineered tapered nozzles. The specialized two-piece injection nozzles allow the formulas to penetrate deep into tubing, recesses, and fluid paths without spraying back at the user. Both products feature a 360-degree aerosol can that allows application at any angle. Ideal for paint guns, brake tubing, fuel systems and pneumatic tools, among many other applications, Eastwood’s aerosol-injected system’s two-piece design gives users the option to customize each application and allows insertion with and without the 3-inch extension. When the job is complete, the 3-inch injector nozzle xtension has a unique locking tab that attaches to the side of the can for storage.

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