6-Lug Spokes

Rocket Racing Wheels changes the game by unveiling the first 6-lug, five-spoke, classic-style truck wheel. The all-new Rocket Booster 6, mimics the sleek, hot rod design of the original Rocket Booster, but with a 6-lug mounting application. Booster 6 features a reverse mount soft lip outer that provides a longer spoke and maximizes the wheel window. Additionally, Ford truck enthusiasts can cruise in hot rod style with the option of the 5x5½ bolt pattern application. Available in a variety of 20-inch sizes, it’s purpose-built to deliver big style and performance for 6-lug classic and late-model trucks and SUVs at very affordable prices. Beefed-up for towing capacity and load rated at 2,650 pounds per wheel, it is precision-crafted from A356 aluminum and is designed and tested to meet or exceed U.S.D.O.T. requirements and SAE standards. Booster 6 quality finishes will include Rocket’s durable high-luster chrome and their easy to maintain classic Hyper Shot paint. To complete the look, each wheel is topped off with a vintage-style domed aluminum center cap.

Rocket Racing Wheels
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Telescopic Tilt

Flaming River’s new telescoping tilt column enables one-inch of column adjustability by simply moving the steering wheel towards or away from the driver. A spring-loaded design utilizes a billet lever for smooth and easy adjustment for driver comfort and clearance. The styling is based on the early Corvette steering column; sleek and streamlined with 2-inch diameter stainless tubing. Available in bare steel, black powdercoat, and polished stainless steel finishes, these columns come in standard lengths of 30 or 32 inches, with custom lengths available through their custom manufacturing program. As with all of Flaming River’s columns, these are made in the good ol’ USA and offer a 3-year/36,000-mile warranty.

Flaming River Industries, Inc.
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Licensed to Build

Premier Street Rod Parts and Manufacturing Corporation has received licensing from General Motors for its ’47-53 Chevy Pickup Cabs. Their steel-built cabs are now 100-percent certified as a General Motors licensed product effective immediately.

Premier Street Rods
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Royal Treatment

STP’s new Multipurpose Motor Treatment is a fuel stabilizer, a fuel additive, and an oil additive for all types of engines. Great for the fuel system and the crankcase, it’s designed to clean carbon engine deposits and fight friction, clean fuel injectors and intake valves, stabilize fuel and prevent corrosion in fuel systems, and protect against viscosity build up, crankcase sludge, and oxidative degradation in fuel and oil. It also helps fight tough cold starts and prevents fuel line freeze by removing water.


Pentastar Performance

Performance Automatic announces the release of their new Chrysler 727 Torque Flight Comp Transmission. Available for the Chrysler small- and big-block engines, this Comp transmission starts off as a reliable 727 Torque Flight modified with a reverse full manual valve body, high-performance racing clutches, “Kolene” steels, high-performance wide band, a deep pan and many other upgrades. Performance Automatic’s Comp Transmissions combine the latest technology and track proven durability to provide the serious truck driver with a product he can rely on mile after mile. Rated to handle up to 750 hp, this unit includes a 1-year warranty.

Performance Automatic
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