The icing on the cake though is Kicker’s newest product, the PXi50.2 iPod controller. One of the stipulations I had when we were putting together our audio system was that I didn’t want a head unit of any kind, be it in the dash or under the seat. Let’s face it, CDs and, *cough*, cassettes are a thing of the past and don’t get me started on FM radio! No, the MP3 player is king today and I’m a bit attached to my iPod as I bet many of you fellow music lovers are as well. And with nearly 20,000 songs on my iPod alone, why would I need anything else? I wanted a system that I could simply plug my iPod or iPhone in and be a’rockin’ and a’rollin’—the PXi50.2 was the perfect solution. An amplified controller designed to easily add tunes to a vehicle not previously equipped with a music source, for all intents and purposes, the PXi50.2 is a head unit that can be mounted under the seat or in the glovebox thanks to its small footprint. A wired remote allows for control of basic functions of the device and a 66-inch connection cable provides continuous charging to the docked device. This translates essentially into a system that can be completely hidden out of sight when not in use, something that I was keen on from the beginning to thwart off the potential thief, yet rivals any aftermarket stereo system. Short of the door-mounted speakers, the entire system is out of sight.

Eager to pump my cab full of tunes as well as wanting to keep any exhaust fumes and heat out and cool air in, I tore into the project with the veracity of a whirling dervish. First came the bench seat, followed by the floor mat, and finally the stock insulation, which had to be scraped off the cab floor. From there, it was a matter of laying down Dynamat followed by Dynaliner, planning out the location of each device, and wiring everything up. By that afternoon, I had the cab back together and had pissed off a few neighbors with my new bumpin’ sound system. If it’s too loud, you’re too old. Yeah, something like that … CCT

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