Fresh Faces

Now offered by the team at Classic Instruments is a complete instrument kit for ’47-53 Chevrolet and GMC trucks. The kit comes complete with your choice of a speedometer or speedtachular (tach built into speedometer), accompanied by a quad gauge, along with all of the necessary sending units, bezels, and hardware to install the instruments in the original dash. Available in 12 different face options, Classic Instruments can add modern looks and design to your Advance Design Chevy truck. Turn signals and high beam indicators are an available upgrade!

Add the Sky Drive to make your speedometer controlled by GPS technology!

Classic Instruments
(800) 575-0461

Track Straight

Keep the rear end tracking straight under your truck with Jim Meyer’s adjustable and urethane-bushed bolt-in Panhard bar. The 1-inch diameter 0.156-inch wall Panhard bar features three available mounting brackets for the housing. One is designed to bolt to any of the Jim Meyer four-link housing bracket kits, while the second is a custom four-link bracket with no holes to fit your existing four-link set-up (you drill the holes). The third is a U-bolt style bracket that bolts to the rear end housing where it fits best on your truck. The 24-inch long bar can be tailored to fit any application and is available in any width. The frame end bracket can be bolted or welded to the chassis and all housing brackets have a multi-hole selection to fit the stance you like best.

Jim Meyer Racing Products Inc.
(800) 824-1752

In Control

Dakota Digital is proud to release the DCC Series Digital Climate Control system designed for Vintage Air Gen-IV Systems! Created to interface directly with a Gen-IV A/C system, the DCC Series provides the convenience of full climate control. Similar to other Dakota Digital instruments, the DCC Series offers a full-character vacuum fluorescent digital readout to match VFD Digital Instrument Systems or an LCD Display matching the popular new VHX Hybrid Analog/Digital Instrument Systems. Both horizontal and vertical configurations are available, with the unit sized to match the Vintage Air controller for a simple migration. Installation is nearly effortless with the addition of a series of temp sensors, while plugging directly into the Gen-IV wiring.

Dakota Digital, Inc
(800) 852-3228

Grab & Go

Ram has announced Heavy Duty clutch sets (pressure plate and clutch plate) for upgraded GM LS-powered vehicles. Measuring 12 inches in diameter yet operating within the confines of the conventional flat-style OEM 168-tooth flywheel, Ram’s HD set transmits torque capacity of up to 550 lb-ft; their Powergrip 650 lb-ft; and the Powergrip HD 750 lb-ft.

The friction linings featured on these single-plate clutch sets are either organic or metallic or a combination of both. A familiar trail blazed by Ram, they use organic materials on their HD style to provide smooth engagement and a metallic construction on their high-end Powergrip HD series. Their metallic 900 series contributes a higher co-efficient of friction with formidable holding power. On their intermediate clutch set, the Powergrip, they use both materials—placing the organic side toward the flywheel and the metallic side toward the pressure plate.

RAM Clutches
(803) 788-6034

Deep Pan for TH400

Mag-Hytec goes old school, with their new GM Turbo 400 deep pan. Increasing the capacity a full 2½ quarts over the stock deep pan, Mag-Hytec’s aircraft quality unit comes with all necessary gaskets and hardware and is machined to accept a temperature sending unit as well as a magnetic drain plug.

(877) 786-6816

Under Pressure

Holley Performance Products is proud to announce their Billet HP and Dominator Fuel Pressure Regulators and Fuel Filters.

Like the new fuel pumps of the same name, they are precision machined from 6061–T6 billet aluminum for strength and durability and feature a black bright dip anodized body and a clear bright dip anodized top for corrosion resistance and good looks. The regulators are available in a variety of configurations for fuel injected and carbureted applications. The matching billet HP™ and Dominator™ fuel filters complete the system and come with NPT or -AN inlets/outlets, three filtering levels, and three flow rates up to 260 GPH.

Holley Performance Products
(800) 465-5391


Kinetik HC Power Cells are used in the “Worlds Loudest Vehicles” providing the power to reach over 181dB while continuing to set worlds records and countless competition victories. Due to low ESR and high energy density, Kinetik HC Power Cells are among the most powerful, reliable, and compact car audio power cells on the market today. Ranging from their small, ultra compact KHC600 to the massive KHC3800, Kinetik has the right power cell to fit every need.

Kinetik Audio
(888) 522-8346


Team321 now offers a kit to install a readily available and very affordable mid-’90s Ford Thunderbird or Lincoln Mark VIII complete independent rear suspension in your truck. You use it all, just the way it came out of the car, no cutting or modifications necessary.

You get modern suspension with disc brakes for what you might pay to do a disc brake conversion on your old rear-end. has kits to fit ’48-79 Ford trucks, ’55-59 and ’73-87 Chevy trucks. More applications on the drawing board and custom kits are available as well.

(321) 960-5945

Big Power, Small Package

HTP America’s new Invertig 221 AC/DC Inverter Welder will allow you to produce professional welds with all types of metal. Packing a full 220 amps of welding power, it only weighs 40 pounds so it’s easy to take this rugged welder right to the job.

The Invertig 221 is packed with features as well. It is the only welder in its class with independent AC amperage adjustment, a feature that gives you precise control over the heat input to both the work piece and the tungsten by allowing you to separately adjust the electrode negative and electrode positive amperage. The 221 also offers you the ability to adjust the AC frequency from 20 Hz to 200 HZ—the high AC frequency gives you a more focused arc with greater arc control.

The Invertig 221 is also an excellent DC welder with a smooth, stable arc coupled with the 221’s high speed DC pulse makes intricate work on mild steel, 4130, stainless, inconel and titanium a breeze.

The Invertig 221 allows you store up to 64 separate welding programs and provides outstanding performance when stick welding in either AC or DC modes. There are three models to choose from, air cooled, water cooled or dual voltage and every Invertig 221 comes with a 3-year warranty and a 90-day money back guarantee.

HTP America, Inc
(800) 872-9353

Breathe Easy

O’Brien Truckers now offers these ultra-cool valve cover breathers patterned after the ones released by G-T Equipment in 1964, featuring a distinctive four-fin design. Add your own color between the fins for extra detail, as shown, and they really “pop”.

The improved version is updated with a removable cover and open cell foam insert to keep the oil inside the valve covers. The mounting surface area is 7½x1¼ inches, and the removable top cover measures 8¼x1¾ inches. The breather assembly adds only 2¼ inches to the side of the valve cover and the height is 31⁄8 inches.

Each breather comes fully polished with stainless steel mounting hardware and a custom die-cut gasket to properly seal it to the valve cover surface.

O'Brien Truckers
(508) 248-1555

Wheels In The Sky …

Southern Rods and Parts is proud to introduce their new 1940 Ford replica steering wheel. This 15-inch reproduction has both the splines for GM columns (Flaming River, Ididit , CPP, etc.) and the keyway for the factory 1940 Ford column and is available with either a smooth black horn button or a V-8 horn button.

Southern Rods and Parts
(800) 787-8763

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