LS Covers

Holley’s cast aluminum valve covers for GM LS engines provide a fresh, refined look without the need to relocate the coils. There’s no question the factory “coil on cover” design give the LS that signature high-tech look, but the factory brackets and coil location leave room for improvement. Clean up that signature look with Holley’s LS Valve Covers. They incorporate a radiused shape, angled coil mounting, and a billet fill cap. The coils mount directly to the cover with no need for a bracket in-between. They fit most popular LS series engines and come in black krinkle, satin, natural cast, and polished or they can be painted to match your vehicle’s theme.

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Not Just Dashes …

Just Dashes now provides a complete gauge repair and restoration service for your 1950’s through 1970’s factory original gauges. Regardless of year, make or model of truck, the gauges will be disassembled, cleaned, restored and tested for accuracy. New gauge faces and needles will be installed when required and your speedometer can be reset to 0-XXX miles at your request, or left as original.

A quartz movement will be installed in your factory clock and the amazing final results are shown here. No more searching for original working gauges, which will eventually fail or paying exorbitant prices for NOS parts. Just Dashes has the solution.

Just Dashes can also restore any vinyl covered interior part that you can remove from your truck such as door panels, head and arm rests, kick panels, A-pillars, etc.

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Get Trim

New interior cab trim for ’73-87 Chevy trucks now available.Replace your worn-out or missing interior cab molding pieces with new replacement parts available exclusively from LMC Truck.

These molded panels have been developed and manufactured to be an exact replacement for your original steel or injection molded plastic trim. Windshield and side window upper moldings are produced using formed and textured steel as original. Plastic panels are made from new tooling using improved heat resistant thermoplastic compounds to better withstand the test of time. Available in black they can be painted to match the color of your interior.

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This all-new satin gray 100-Amp GM one-wire alternator (PN 66434) is Proform’s latest addition to their affordable line of quality GM replacement parts. It is not a remanufactured alternator, but contains all new parts and a machined pulley for approximately the same price as a rebuilt unit.

All Proform alternators feature heavy-duty rotors and CNC machined pulleys and are tested prior to shipping and a performance graph is enclosed with the respective alternator. Representative performance for the 100-Amp application (tested at 13.0 volts): 59 Amps @ 1800 alternator RPM, 72 @ 2,000 RPM, 104 @ 3,000 RPM, 115 @ 4,000 RPM, 119 @ 5,000 RPM and 121 @ 6,000 RPM. Keep your battery at maximum charge for maximum performance!

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Go Green!

The E-ROD 5.3L crate engine package is the second in GM Performance Parts’ (GMPP) E-ROD lineup to receive a California Air Resources Board Executive Order (EO) number D-126-31, making it legal for installation in pre-OBD II cars (’96-and-earlier) in the Golden State.

GMPP E-ROD systems are the only OEM crate engine solutions that enable authorized, emissions-compliant high-performance engine replacements for approximately 20 million pre-’96 trucks in California, regardless of the make, model or original powertrain. All E-ROD systems include important emissions equipment, such as catalytic converters and a fuel tank evaporative emissions canister, along with an engine control module that’s calibrated for an excellent balance of performance and efficiency.

GM Performance Parts E-ROD systems also deliver on the expectations of a new generation of custom truck builders, for whom greater fuel economy and lower emissions play more important roles in their projects.

The E-ROD 5.3L is rated at 326 hp at 5,300 rpm and 350 lb-ft. of torque at 4,400 rpm and is based on the 5.3L V-8 with an aluminum cylinder block that is used in the Chevrolet Silverado and other full-size and midsize GM trucks.

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