All that may sound like a lot of work, but once more it’s just a matter of trimming to fit. In order to get the top down a bit more, an inch will be hacked off along the rear rim of the skin. From there, the rear of the skin gets tacked in position and the front is trimmed and sucked down into place. Because the front corners are being so drastically reshaped, a small filler gets inserted where the corner of the overhang is removed, but that’s small potatoes at this point! From start to finish I’d estimate a total of roughly 30 hours to chop the whole top! Then once things are all buttoned up, only a windshield will have to be cut and fit. All in all, this chop is the perfect way for any of you looking to up your game to the next level without having to go full bore. Let’s dig into rounding this chop out. CCT

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