These old Chevy and GMC trucks are so robust up in the cap of the roof that there’s plenty of meat to play with. Because the windshield sits so much higher than the top of the side glass, GM had to accommodate the top by adding more metal to the cap in order to flow the glass into the roof line. Beyond that they also developed the cab with a built-in sunvisor—a total departure from the early advanced design bodies. The new cap of the Chevy roofs didn’t create a flowing line from the windshield to the roof transition. Instead, there is a definitive break in the top. In fact, it wasn’t until ’73 that we see GM bring back—and never depart from again—the much more aerodynamic and visually stunning effect of flowing the windshield into the top. Because of all these attributes, it has left the perfect playground for the customizer. By simply removing a few inches from the front of the A-pillar, slicing a sliver from the cap and then deleting the overhang, the roof of the truck will be drastically altered. What one ends up with is a chopped top without all the headaches of glass and fitment. It’s actually quite genius and very simple to accomplish. But don’t take my word for it; just follow along as you’ll see how Star Kustom Shop shows you, “the proof is in the pudding”! By the way, don’t limit this method to only the ’55-’59 Chevy trucks because it can also be applied to other various makes and models of trucks. CCT

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