A Turn in the Right Direction

Update and upgrade your classic Chevy pickup with Unisteer Performance Products’ new rack-and-pinion system. This new power steering kit is a direct bolt-on unit and greatly improves handling, steering effort, and steering response.

All kits come complete with a new power steering pump, hoses and brackets, as well as all the linkage needed to connect to the factory or aftermarket steering column to the new steering gear. This install is so clean it looks like it was made from the factory.

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Straight to the Point

Removals and installations are part of the job every day. For a cost-effective way to increase the number of removals and installations performed in the course of a day, look no further than these Blue-Point specialty tools.

“You can’t put a new part on without removing the old one,” said Brian Woller, category manager for Snap-on. “Our Blue-Point specialty kits include all the tools you need to complete removal and installation of a part in a timely and efficient manner. These tools are sure to increase your workload because you will be able to do more jobs, faster.”

Easily remove and install camshaft and crankshaft seals without damage with Blue-Point’s new Camshaft Seal Removal/Install Kit. The compact puller with unique extracting hooks engage seals for quick removal and the interchangeable sleeves and mandrels allow easy installation of the new seal.

Their new Hub Clamp Expander removes even the most stubborn struts and ball joints with ease and the interchangeable spreaders prevent damage to aluminum or cast-iron hubs. Adjustable for use on hubs with centralized or non-centralized slot, it even allows for on-the-vehicle repair.

Blue-Point Tools
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LoJack Lowdown

Don Freedman, owner and president of AmericanRodsandRides.com, is pleased to announce a new partnership with LoJack Corporation. Through the partnership, fans of American Rods and Rides will receive a significant discount on a LoJack for Classics Stolen Vehicle Recovery System. According to Freedman, “Our fans place high emotional and financial value on their cars, so we’re thrilled to be able to offer them a savings on the peace-of-mind that comes with having a LoJack for Classics tracking device in their specialty vehicles.”

The LoJack for Classics system is specially designed to meet the unique requirements of specialty vehicle owners. It’s the only stolen vehicle recovery system directly integrated with the police and leverages LoJack’s newly released self-powered, Radio Frequency technology.

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