Quick Cams

CamQuest, the groundbreaking camshaft selection software from COMP Cams, has been redesigned to provide real-time web browser usage (no download required), an improved user interface and even greater accuracy. Best of all, CamQuest is still completely free and available to all enthusiasts via the COMP Cams website.

The new COMP Cams CamQuest allows both PC and Mac users to select the perfect camshaft by answering just ten application-specific questions with the program’s simple drop-down menus. The easy-to-use, online program then suggests the top matching camshafts based on your application and performance desires. A built-in virtual dyno will even calculate your engine’s estimated horsepower and torque. CamQuest also lists matching COMP Cams valvetrain components, such as lifters and valve springs. Once you have found the perfect cam, the program integrates seamlessly with the COMP Cams online store so you can order your new camshaft and everything needed for installation with just a few mouse clicks. If you need help, CamQuest also connects directly to COMP Cams technical support representatives with live help and email options. A print feature also displays all information, including cam specs and virtual dyno results for your records.

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Topnotch Tubing

When dealing with custom automotive exhaust system projects for classic trucks, it’s usually necessary to fabricate the parts you need. To assist you, Classic Tube stocks a full line of stainless steel exhaust tubing parts, available in individual pieces to fit your needs. Straight tubing lengths are sold by the foot up to 20 feet and available bends include 15-degree, 45-degree, 90-degree and 180-degree J-bends (one leg longer) and 180-degree U-bends. The tubing can be ordered in 2.5-inch, 3-inch, or 3.5-inch diameters.

These parts are 16-gauge (.065) tubes made from high-quality 304 Stainless Steel, which incorporates excellent durability with incredible resistance to the corrosive agents found in exhaust gases. Special straight lengths are available in ¾- to 5-inch OD, depending on the angle and various leg lengths. For a show quality appearance, these tubes can be polished to a high luster by the end user.

Classic Tube
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Muscular Instruments

Chevrolet pickup enthusiasts are no longer forced to compromise the look of their classic truck to experience the benefits of expensive modern gauges. Classic Industries offers 1967-1972 Chevrolet pickup owners the opportunity to replace their worn out original gauges with new Marshall Instruments ’60s Muscle Series gauges that retain a period-correct look but have the latest in gauge technology.

The ’60s Muscle Series gauges offer many advanced features only seen in expensive gauges at an economy price such as two-color (white and amber) through-dial lighting and illuminated pointer ensure gauges are clear and easy-to-read in any light. High-end stepper motor movement offers smooth accurate operation. In addition, 21⁄16-inch gauges feature SCX Pro technology with one-touch peak recall and user programmable high and low warnings. All Marshall Instruments gauges include a one-year warranty.

Classic Industries
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Deep Lip

Showwheels new Streeter wheel is the perfect roller for those that crave a wheel with a nice, deep lip. Available in sizes ranging from 17- to 20-inch in all popular five-lug patterns, they’re a great choice when it comes to that timeless look at an affordable price.

Showwheels, Inc.
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Heavy-Duty Chassis

Jim Meyer Racing Products’ custom-built direct-replacement ’60-’72 GM pickup chassis offers you all the street performance options you’ll ever want in either right or lefthand drive. Built your way with any step over the front or rear suspension, any tread width, or any wheelbase. It features stock cab mounts, core support mounts, and front bed mounts, and moves the fuel tank out of the cab to the rear of the frame!

The only front and rear adjustable stance 2x4x0.120-inch wall chassis in the industry features beefy 2x5-inch main frame rails, a new 9-inch rearend (28-, 31-, or 35-spline and any width) with adjustable urethane-bushed four-link, Dutchman alloy axles, adjustable urethane-bushed Panhard rod, aluminum adjustable coilover shocks (front and rear) or optional remote ShockWave air spring system and an adjustable trans crossmember that comes pre-drilled for all GM and aftermarket transmissions.

The standard heavy-duty chassis features an oversized 0.188-inch wall box tube, jig-built, front crossmember with 1¼-inch diameter tubular lower A-arms and 1-inch diameter tubular upper A-arms holding GM spindles with 11-inch GM brakes and balljoints to give you a 5x4¾ bolt pattern. Optional brakes with a 5x5 wheel pattern are also available. A Mustang manual or optional power rack and pinion handles the steering. The identical IFS shown in the chassis is available as a separate bolt-in unit for 1960-1987 pickups as well.

Jim Meyer Racing Products, Inc
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