American Truck Mag

From the Editors of both Custom Classic Trucks and its sister publication Classic Trucks in conjunction with our friends from LMC Truck, we’re pleased to present an extra, bonus issue of your favorite two truck mags! American Truck, a special newsstand-only magazine, is a great mixture of in-depth, useable tech and how-to articles and some way-cool feature trucks that one may not see in our monthly magazines. The reason being is American Truck magazine allows us to share with you a mix of not only early classics, but a bunch of nice later-model pickups as well! And since these post-classic pickups are destined to become the classic trucks of the future, we figured we’d take advantage of the opportunity and give you a preview of the cool trucks the future holds. Above and beyond that, American Truck magazine allows us to showcase LMC Truck’s huge late-model pickup parts and accessories too!

So, if you’d like yet another modified truck fix while you’re waiting for the next issue of your favorite classic truck magazines, we hope you’ll swing by the newsstand and grab a copy of American Truck. Everyone who put it together for you are sure you’ll enjoy it!

American Truck Magazine

Stiff Upper Lip

Nobody wants their seatbelts falling out the door every time they get out of their truck, so Juliano’s offers a simple solution to the problem. If your hauler didn’t come with retractable belts from the factory, you now have access to this stiff-arm lap belt, just like OEM’s use.

This design is ideal for any pickup without adequate room for a bulky rewind housing. The 13-inch rigid arm comes with a 61-inch-long adjustable belt with a total length of 74 inches. They’re made exactly like original OEM equipment, so they look right at home in any truck.


(860) 872-1932

Speedy Alloy

The Speedway Motors Aluminum Master Cylinder not only boasts lightweight aluminum construction, but its main bore is sleeved with corrosion-resistant stainless steel to provide extra protection against the caustic materials found in modern brake fluids. Based on the popular GM-style design makes it perfect for a wide range of classic trucks. Outlets on both sides of the body (3/8-24 IFF) allow the master cylinder to be used in both frame-mount and firewall-mount applications, while the 1-inch bore size can be used with either manual or power brakes and comes with an as-cast body and chrome cover.

Speedway Motors

(800) 979-0122

Swingin’ Drives

Weiand is proud to announce the release of its vintage "swing arm" style blower drive for their 6-71 series supercharger system. This drive style gained notoriety as the standard choice for front engine dragsters, gassers, and altereds of the 1960s as well as on Mel Gibson’s Interceptor Coupe during the 1970’s cult classic movie Mad Max.

The drive is composed of cast aluminum and comes complete with matching pulleys to augment the assembly. The drive kit (part # 7201WND) comes with cover, idler arm, idler pulley, and fasteners. Vintage 1/2-inch pitch pulleys in 33T, 34T, 36T, and 38T configurations can be ordered separately. The idler pulley (7203WND) and the drive gear cover (7204WND) can also be purchased separately for those who already have parts from a previous blower setup. Weiand currently offers 6-71 superchargers for small-block Chevrolet, big-block Chevrolet, and Chrysler 392 Hemi applications.


(800) 465-5391

A Hot Bath

Heat your vehicle’s windshield washer fluid to a temperature of 125-135 degrees Fahrenheit and allow for quick, effortless removal of frost, snow, and ice this winter. Heated washer fluid extends the service life of windshield wipers by minimizing unnecessary wear and ensures wiper spray nozzles remain clog-free for a consistent spray pattern every time. Great for year-round use, as the heated washer fluid also provides improved cleaning to remove bird droppings, bugs, grime, road film, and streaks.

Installs inline between the windshield washer reservoir and spray nozzles, the wiring connects directly to your vehicle’s battery with the included ground cable and fused power cable. The unit begins operation when it senses battery voltage higher than 13.0 volts (engine running). The initial heating cycle takes approximately 30 seconds for the washer fluid to reach 125-135 degrees Fahrenheit. Each time the driver activates the vehicle’s factory-installed windshield washer system, heated washer fluid is applied during the first three seconds of spray time to deliver a 50-60cc spray volume. Each additional three-second spray of heated washer fluid is available for use within 10-20 seconds.

LMC Truck

(800) 562-8782

Flaring Made Easy

Make flaring stainless tubing painless. This Classic Tube high-quality flaring tool is all you need for almost any stainless steel end-forming projects. Even do-it-yourselfers can create accurate, concentric flares easily! If you’ve found flaring stainless tubing difficult in the past, you probably had the wrong tools.

This Classic Tube Universal Hydraulic Flaring Tool Kit (#7207) fabricates Single & Double Flares, Bubble Flares, Push Connect Flares, Hose Flares or GM Fuel Line Flares from 3/16 to 1/2-inch. Create flares for brake lines, fuel lines, transmission lines, vacuum, oil, coolant, and hydraulic or other custom hard line applications. The tool, and its entire clamp and flare dies, are custom fitted and stored in a tough molded carrying case.

Classic Tube

(800) 882-3711

Extreme Electric

Derale Performance has added four new, low-profile curved 10-blade electric fans to their line. Ranging from 10- to 16-inches, their H.O. Extreme Series feature sealed, water and dust-proof motors which operate at peak efficiency at the high static pressure loads encountered during hot, humid summer months that can quickly overwhelm a cooling system.

Derale Performance

(800) 421-6288

Weld Safe

Whether it’s welding in the field, in the shop, or in a garage, Lincoln’s new personal protection clothing line, Red Line Welding Apparel, offers the ideal gear for every application.

The new line includes five types of welding gloves premium leather MIG/stick, traditional MIG/stick, leather TIG, heat-resistant and full leather Steel Worker gloves. So whether it’s MIG, TIG, or stick welding, or working with hot or rusty metal, Red Line welding gear includes a set of gloves designed to handle the rigors of the task at hand.

Four jacket options effectively protect the arms and upper body. They offer flame-retardant cloth panels to keep the welder cool, as well as heavy-duty leather panels in high-spatter exposure, high-wear areas. Customers can choose from cloth, heavy-duty leather, or hybrid cloth/ leather jackets

For under the welding helmet, the product group includes doo-rags, beanies, and caps that stylishly and effectively protect the top of the head. Made from flame-retardant material, they are comfortable, include athletic mesh lining for fast sweat evaporation, and are machine washable.

Additionally, four pairs of indoor safety glasses and four for outdoor applications round out the Red Line personal protection welding apparel line. Welders can choose from clear, shaded and mirrored lenses that offer maximum protection and comfort.

Lincoln Electric

(888) 355-3213

Made To Fit Chevys

Experience ididit’s Made-to-Fit 1955-1959 Chevy truck steering columns in either floor shift or column shift. These direct bolt-in columns connect to your stock or aftermarket box as well as rack & pinion systems. Standard features include 100 percent American--made, eight-position tilt, knobs & handles, four-way flashers, replacement floor mount & gasket, underdash mount and a Delrin cover designed for your stock gearbox. Finishes include paintable steel, chrome and black powdercoated.

ididit, inc

(517) 424-0577

Forceful Ford Clutch

The DFX series by Centerforce is now available for 1965-1987 Ford trucks, replacing the 11 1/2-inch-longstyle pressure plate, with factory 10-spline and aftermarket 26-spline input shaft options are available. This new clutch assembly replaces the current assembly with a higher holding capacity pressure plate, designed for a direct bolt-in replacement and ceramic button style disc. Centerforce II and Dual Friction options are also available. DFX will not fit with OE cast-iron bellhousing.

The DFX series is the latest of single disc performance clutches from Centerforce. The series is designed as a direct bolt-in for perfect fit and function. DFX scores big, not only with holding capacity and strength, but also provides some of the best drivability from a race-inspired clutch. This DFX performance clutch system utilizes the patented Centerforce centrifugal weight system for maximum grip, a patented Ball Bearing design for a light pedal and quick release, Nodular Iron pressure plate rings and reinforcements designed to help prevent drive strap breakage and safety. The Paddle, or button-style disc, has been through constant testing of different friction materials and hub designs to bring the optimal combination available to you.



To The Point

These chrome-plated bullets can be used for many different applications. Add some flair to your grille, hubcaps, bumpers, or any other place imaginable. All bullets come with a center-mounting stud for easy attachment and are available in seven different sizes that range from a small dome up to a large point.

The Filling Station

(800) 841-6622

Totally Tubular

Classic Performance Products, Inc’s Totally Tubular rear suspension package for 1973-1987 Chevy Trucks is now available. This kit offers a wide range of benefits such as the elimination of factory leaf springs, added exhaust clearance, increased ground clearance, corrected pinion angle, increased driveline clearance, torsional rigidity, and additional strength. CPP’s Totally Tubular trailing arms are manufactured with a laser-cut and formed spring platform fabricated to a CNC-bent heavy wall 2-inch DOM tube body. The bushings are made of a new, patented D-Spec heat-resistant, self-lubricating material that offers long life and a remarkably quiet, comfortable ride.

The complete kit was designed with lowered trucks in mind, correcting the pinion angle that is affected with lowered coil and air springs. This will correct pinion angle associated with a lowered truck and offers 3x5-inch exhaust openings.

CPP’s Rear Suspension package includes trailing arms, crossmember, C-notches, shock mounts, deluxe trac bar, lowering blocks, lowered shocks, axle perches, and U-bolts (options include billet carrier bearing and bolt-on carrier bearing bracket) and works with one- or two-piece driveshafts.

Classic Performance Products, Inc.

(714) 522-2000

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