As with all their transmissions, Gearstar makes modifications to the E4OD based on the application, and for heavy-duty towing, there’s a long list of improvements. Ours received a master overhaul kit with Alto hardened Kolene steels,Raybestos high energy, high heat frictions, Transgo heavy-duty reprogramming shift kit, high capacity five-plate forward clutch pack, direct six-plate clutch pack, intermediate four-plate clutch pack, overdrive three-plate clutch pack, steel overdrive planetary gear set, hardened drive shell, new kick down band, hardened input shaft, 45 element intermediate sprat, new overdrive sprag assembly, high volume pump assembly, six-pinion front planetary, roller-bearing center support,specially machined intermediate and overdrive pressure plates, updated solenoid pack, and an extra capacity aluminum pan with drain plug--and there’s probably a few other things we forgot. The point is, this is one tough transmission that will get the job done for a long, long time.

When it came time to plug the E4OD in place of the C6, there was some good news and some bad. The good news is this is the only Ford overdrive automatic that will bolt directly to big-block (385-series) engines; the torque converter fits the original flexplate, and the output shaft is the same diameter and spline count as the C6, so the driveshaft yoke fits. Now the bad news--this trans is four inches longer. The driveshaft has to be shortened, the transmission mount and the crossmember below the bellhousing have to be modified, the shift linkage requires modification, and in our case, the main gas tank had to be slid back in its mounts and some "massaging" of one end required.

In this installment of the Hot Rod Hauler, we’re going to show you what it takes to make the transmission swap. Next month we’ll take an in-depth look at the electronics required to make the new breeds of overdrive automatics shift for themselves. CCT

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