Let It Bleed

Installing a master cylinder is generally an easy mechanical accomplishment with the most difficult part being bench bleeding the unit. Without the correct parts to do the job properly, bench bleeding can be a messy and wasteful chore that even the most accomplished mechanic really doesn’t like to do. It can even be a dangerous situation in a small garage where the brake fluid spray can end up ruining the paint finish on your specialty vehicle.

Wilwood is well aware of problems associated with the bench bleeding process; so in order to make the job much easier, all non-remote Wilwood tandem master cylinders (one pushrod, two outlets) are now delivered with a bench bleeder kit. The kit comes with several nylon brake fittings that can be screwed into the master cylinder ports. The fittings have a connection for a section of plastic hose that can be directed back into the master cylinder when the bleeding process is being done. By directing the brake fluid back into the master cylinder where it belongs, the mess and waste is no longer a problem. This bleeder system can be used and adapted to many other master cylinders so the kit part number 260-11593 can also be purchased separately.

Wilwood Engineering
(805) 388-1188

Handle It

Clayton Machine Works adds to their product line with these new Pro-Touring door handles and window cranks. Designed to fit 1949-up GM and Ford splines, these new handles are a perfect addition to your hot rod truck. Machined from billet aluminum, powdercoated, then re-machined to create dynamic high-lights, the look and detail is second to none.

Clayton Machine Works, Inc.
(256) 489-2450

Retro Reservoir

OTB Gear is proud to introduce a new-look brake fluid reservoir. This double remote fill brake fluid reservoir is precision cast in aircraft grade aluminum and is polished to show quality standards.You can run your fluid lines from the bottom or the backside of the unit, giving you almost unlimited mounting possibilities and features the stunning retro design OTB Gear have become noted for.

OTB Gear
(909) 595-4995

It’s All In The Details

Summit Racing Equipment now offers a complete line of detailing products to complete the perfect paintjob. From aggressive compounds to mild polishes, Summit Racing’s line of body shop-safe detailing products is designed to give new paintjobs a scratch-free, high gloss finish.

Summit Racing
(800) 230-3030

Instrumental For Chevys

Dakota Digital is proud to unveil the VHX Series of instrumentation for 1955-59 Chevy trucks! The VHX Series brings years of development and decades of automotive engineering experience to this quickly evolving product line.

Offering lighted needles, backlit faces, and a full character message center for all displays the VHX Series utilizes solid-state sensors and precision stepper motors for the ultimate accuracy and provides a fresh approach to outfitting a custom vehicle. The VHX Series gauges cluster also comes with a limited lifetime warranty for complete support both now and in the future.

The VHX-55C-PU utilizes either a stock or aftermarket wiring harness and is compatible with stock, modified, or late-model drivetrain. Systems available with a blue or red display color and either a satin silver or carbon-fiberstyle face.

Dakota Digital Inc
(800) 593-9706

Floor Shift Ford

Ididit introduces the newest addition to their Ford Truck Retrofit Made-To-Fit line of steering columns design for 1967-72 Ford trucks equipped with a floor shifter. These 100 percent Americanmade columns are a direct bolt-in application and will connect either to your stock box or rack. Standard features are an eight-position tilt, Ford top shaft so you can attach your stock Ford steering wheel on top, Ford wire plug and era-specific knobs and handles to match the originals. Available finishes include paintable steel, chrome and black powdercoated.

Ididit, Inc.
(517) 424-0577

Deco Display

DC Street Rods has introduced a new version of their patented Deco Gauge Cluster designed to fit 1948 to 1950 Ford trucks. The CNC milled housing will accommodate most of the popular five-gauge sets with a 318-inch or 338-inch speedometer and it is a direct replacement for the original gauge assembly. With the addition of the 1948 to 1950 design, DC Street Rods now offers Deco Gauge Clusters for 1940 through 1950 Ford trucks. The Deco Gauge Cluster is available as a custom-built unit with gauges and senders, or as a build-it-yourself kit.

DC Street Rods
(925) 200-3840

Clean Drain

Fumoto Enginerring’s oil drain valve is a quick release brass ball valve that replaces standard crankcase oil drain plugs. Install this valve and you can drain your engine oil without tools and without mess. Just lift the lever from its locked position and give it a quarter turn to open it. The ball valve design provides a straight flow for efficient drainage and a perfect seal when closed.

Fumoto Engineering of America
(425) 869-7771

It’s Magic

RPM stands for Rust Prevention Magic. This new wax-like product is easy to apply and will protect bare metal from rusting. It will not reverse rust or remove it, so you need to sandblast or glass bead any rusty parts clean first. Apply it by heating the clean part up to 120-degrees using a hair blow dryer or heat gun and then brush the RPM on with a clean paintbrush. The substance melts as it is brushed onto the hot part and gets into the pores of the metal and prevents rust from forming.Wipe the excess RPM off with a towel and let it cool to room temperature and dry to an invisible barrier that prevents rust from forming.No longer do you have to paint bare cast parts to protect them!

Chevs of the 40’s
(800) 952-0588

Haul Smarter

Smart Shift is the latest breakthrough in electronic overdrive transmission control for the Ford AODE and 4R70W transmissions. No laptops or handheld tuning devices are required to have total control over shift points, shift firmness, and torque convertor lockup. All parameters are adjusted with easy to use dials on the end of the Smart Shift unit. Also included are complete diagnostic capabilities communicated via simple flashing LED’s that can also tell you what gear you’re in and whether or not your torque convertor is locked up for better fuel economy. There’s no need to download anything, just install the unit and clearly labeled harness and get busy driving your new overdrive-equipped hauler.

Performance Automatic
(301) 963-8078

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