Bolt-In Burb
Scott's Hot Rods, in Ventura, California, have announced a new project in the form of a '65 Chevy Suburban. The chassis will feature Scott's new bolt-in IFS kit for '63-'87 Chevy trucks that will accept a myriad of suspension options, including air bags, which their 'Burban will be receiving shortly. Keep your eyes peeled to these very pages for a full install shortly.

Scott's Hot Rods
(805) 485-0382

Hot Dot
Watson's Hot Dot Ignition Link is the perfect addition to their Hot Dot All-in-One ignition/start/stop switch. The Link is a Hot Dot-to-remote control interface relay that allows you to enable and disable your StreetWorks Hot Dot Ignition button using two functions on a remote control. Push one remote button and the Hot Dot Ignition operates, press a second button to disable the Hot Dot. The Link takes the place of a key lock to secure your car's ignition and can be triggered by either positive or negative (grounding) momentary trigger signals. Serving double duty, the Link can also be used as a latching on/off relay for 12 VDC, five-amp maximum loads.

Watson's StreetWorks
(860) 859 0513

Glass Chassis
Superior Glass Works just announced the addition of the 1934-1936 Chevrolet pickup truck chassis to its broad line of street rod and truck chassis. This generation of Chevy pickup shares the classic lines of the popular mid-'30s Chevy cars and getting increasingly popular with enthusiasts. Like most old trucks, their chassis can show considerable wear after all these years. SGW offers a safe, strong, and good looking chassis built to Chevy's original specs that will accept original sheetmetal and reproduction fiberglass body parts and features heavy gauge, fully boxed rails and stout crossmembers and comes equipped with a Mustang II IFS and custom lowered leaf springs. The full range of suspension components from the leading manufacturers in the industry is also available for your custom build.

Superior Glass Works
(888) 731-7670

Easy AOD
Performance Automatic, Inc. has announced the release of their Street Smart Systems for all Ford-powered products. The demand for updated drivetrains that feature overdrive capabilities fostered the development of easy-to-install AOD packages for Ford small-block 289-351 w/c, FE 390-428 and big-block 400-429-460 power plants. Utilizing more than 25 years of Ford transmission experience, Performance Automatic refined the inner workings of the AOD and incorporated many gear train and hydraulic modifications that provide reliable overdrive functions for all Ford products. No computer is needed, and each package comes with a dyno tested AOD transmission, matching torque converter, filler tube and throttle pressure cable. All of this and a lifetime warranty assure a trouble-free installation for numerous applications.

Performance Automatic, Inc.
(301) 963-8078