Weld Safe
Miller Electric Mfg. Co. has just launched their WeldX line, a revolutionary new apparel line for personal welding protection that is lightweight and breathable, yet provides exceptional flame and spatter resistance. Sixty percent lighter than most leathers and also lighter than many flame resistant cotton garments, WeldX represents the next generation in protecting welders from the hazards of heavy-duty welding, while also reducing the potential for heat stress-related injuries. Flame resistance is inherent to WeldX laundering will not degrade its performance over time. WeldX is based on a fabric technology that has proven its performance and durability in iron production, race car driving, high-voltage electrical work, firefighting and other potentially catastrophic applications. The fabric consists of a blend of oxidized acrylic fibers and modern strengthening fibers, which are then treated with a proprietary compound that allows the resulting material to shed spatter and sparks upon contact. The proprietary compound is embedded into the individual fibers rather than being applied topically, allowing the garment to retain a high degree of pliability and maneuverability. In even the most extreme environments, WeldX will not burn, melt, ignite or shrink.
Miller Electric Mfg. Co.
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Platinum Pedals
Wilwood's new Adjustable Reverse Mount Pedal assembly or the new Forward Mount Pedal Assembly that combines the brake and clutch pedals together in one unit are perfect for those projects who call for custom pedal assemblies. The Reverse Mount Pedal Assembly positions the master cylinders inside of the firewall, while the Forward Mount Pedal Assembly positions the master cylinders outside, on the firewall. Both units feature an all-aluminum frame and forged-aluminum pedal arms with ladder-style construction. The frame and pedal arms are Platinum-E coated for protection and an attractive appearance. The pedal pads are of a special adjustable lightweight design that allows fine-tuning of the pedal location and clearance. Included with the assembly of your choice are the mounting studs, hardware, and clevis and pivot pin balance bar that is designed to provide smooth and accurate settings of the brake pedal bias. The balance bar can be set and locked down with the jam nut or attached to a remote cable for quick on-track adjustments. The units provide a 6.25 to 1 ratio on both clutch and brake pedal.
Wilwood Engineering
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Make a turn toward cool '60s styling with these colorful Metalflake Steering Wheels from Speedway Motors! These high-quality Metalflake Steering Wheels will add sparkle and nostalgia to the cabin of any classic truck. The classic three-spoke design features three stylish lightening holes in each spoke and brilliant chrome plating. The easy-grip vinyl rims are available in vibrant red, blue, green, and silver hues each with sparkling metalflake molded into the durable grip material. Three sizes are available: 93/4-inch diameter with a 51/2-inch dish; 111/2-inch diameter with a 4-inch dish; and 13-inch diameter with a 31/2-inch dish. All styles have a common three-bolt mounting pattern that will fit directly on a Speedway Motors Hot Rod Column or most other columns using an adapter.
Speedway Motors
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Get Fit
Summit Racing Equipment has taken some of the guesswork out of automotive plumbing projects with its new Summit Racing Equipment AN and NPT Auto Plumbing Gauge. Precision laser cut from 304 stainless steel, this handy tool can help determine exact sizes of AN fittings and wrench sizes from -4 to -16 as well as NPT plugs and fittings from 1/8- to 3/4-inch. The Summit Racing AN NPT Auto Plumbing Gauge is easy to use-simply match fittings, pipes, and hoses to the proper notch or hole in the gauge to quickly determine the correct size.
Summit Racing Equipment
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