A Castle Made Of Stainless
Stainless, high-strength slotted tall nuts (commonly referred to as castle nuts) are now available from Totally Stainless. The bottom of these nuts are machined to order to match the height you may need. Available in sizes ranging from 7/16-20 to 5/8-18 as well as metric sizes, simply specify the height from the bottom of the nut to the bottom of the slots that you need and Totally Stainless can whip them out.

Totally Stainless
(800) 767-4781

Pedal To The Metal
Kugel Komponents offers a reverse-mount 90-degree hanging-style pedal assembly that is compact and great for applications where you do not want the booster or master cylinder out in the engine compartment. It also avoids the trouble of a unit under the floor, removing worries about exhaust and ground clearance issues. Compatible with power or manual brake systems, a smaller 180-degree non-power assembly is also offered and both units are available for brake and clutch or brake only applications. All master cylinders are available as standard fill or remote fill. Assembly shown features a 7-inch power booster (8-inch also available), Corvette master cylinder, remote conversion lid and optional eye-catching slotted pedal arm.

Kugel Komponents
(562) 691-7006

Low-Pro Snap-on
When backing off a fastener, do you ever wish you had a little more room? With Snap-on's new 10 Piece 1/4-inch Drive Metric Low Profile Ratchet/Socket Set (110RTSM), now you do. As we continue to cram more components in tighter areas, it's getting harder to find a standard product that fits into those hard to reach places. Snap-on's new ratchet/socket set works perfectly in underdash, cramped quarters. Their 72-tooth gear requires minimal movement and the low profile, easy action reverse lever won't get in your way. The 1/4-inch ratchet and socket system is up to 43 percent shorter than a standard 1/4-inch ratchet with a 1/4-inch shallow socket.

Snap-on Tools

Aluminum Cool
Now available from Brice Thomas Radiator is an all-new aluminum radiator designed specifically for '39-41 Ford trucks. Built using the latest brazing technology and computer aided design, all Brice radiators are built right here in the USA.

Brice Thomas Radiator
(800) 223-4299

Power Bracket
This power steering bracket from Flaming River is for Stage II-style pumps and is made of black oxide steel for both big- and small-block Chevy options. It features an adjustable design that allows it to be used with either short or long water pumps.

Flaming River
(440) 826-4488

What's Our Vector, Victor?
"Sprocket" and "Vector" by Schott Wheels are two of the newest custom wheels in their recently added modular line. Made from the best materials and processes, the team at Schott Wheels pour their knowledge and talent into every wheel to produce exceptional quality and fit for today's custom and classic trucks.

Schott Wheels
(562) 598-4411