A Balanced Flathead
If you've ever built a Flathead Ford V-8, you know the crank pulley is very easily bent and provides no vibration damping benefits for the crankshaft. The result is excessive wear on internal engine parts and an extremely short engine life. Speedway Motors can help your Flathead live longer and run smoother with the addition of their new chrome-plated Flathead balancer. This crankshaft balancer fits '49-53 Flathead Ford V-8s and provides the vital protection from vibrations that ol' Henry should have offered in the first place. The brilliant chrome-plated finish also adds a bit of flair to the front of your Flathead. Matching bolt-on chrome-plated pulleys (available for wide-belt or narrow-belt applications) are also available and necessary to complete your balancer installation. Protect the investment you've put into your Flathead with this affordable new balancer from Speedway Motors!

Speedway Motors
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Lose your keys and go keyless with ididit's affordable new Key to Keyless Ignition System that can be mounted in a new steering column or even a dash. Simply carry the provided key fob and upon arrival to the vehicle the Ignition Control Module will verify its owner and will pre-authorize the ignition system. Then, with a simple push of a button the engine will roar to life.

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Keeping Pace
This 5.3L LS powerplant from Pace Performance has the same 327ci displacement of the high-winding small-block engines of the '60s. Introduced in 1962, the 327 was found in everything from fuel-injected Corvettes to the very first Camaros. It was renowned for its high-rpm performance and surprising torque from a comparatively small-displacement V-8. This powerful and economical LS327 crate engine delivers a strong 350 horsepower and 370 lb-ft of torque. It is based on the 5.3L engine used in thousands of GM trucks and SUVs, but it is "breathed on" by GM Performance Parts engineers with a hotter cam, Grafal-coated high-silicon pistons, and more. An iron block reinforces the engine's strength and keeps the cost down. Pace finishes the GMPP 327 with all the components needed to make these engines completely turn-key. This very economical LS engine package is perfect for trucks. Like all the LS family engines, all the components can be transferred to other larger, more powerful LS engines when more horses are a necessity.

Pace Performance
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Rear Disc Convert
Wilwood Engineering's new 11-inch Internal Drum E-Brake Rear Kits are perfect for enthusiasts who have original classic trucks that are running smaller diameter rear wheel sizes. This kit will be perfect for all 15-inch diameter wheels and will also work with many 14-inch wheels that are designed to clear disc brakes. The brake kit features Wilwood's special internal drum parking brake design that allows an efficient parking brake system that is easy to install and a snap to hook into the stock parking brake cable system. The kit features a forged billet Dynalite caliper in a Platinum -E, Red, Black and polished finish for a show appearance. The kit also features an 11-inch rotor that works with the internal brake assembly. The rotor is available in a standard smooth design or slotted and drilled for a more aggressive appearance. This kit has been designed to fit all of the rear axle assemblies that Wilwood offers rear brake kits for, as well as the stock Tri-5 Chevy axles.

Wilwood Engineering
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Cross-Flow Cool
U.S. Radiators' new cross-flow radiator and bolt-in mounting supports for '55-59 Chevy and GMC trucks offers maximum temperature drop while cleaning up the engine compartment's looks and accessibility. It uses the original core support mounting holes for both the upper and lower mounts with one simple modification. The new cross-flow radiators are available in both aluminum and copper/brass construction allowing longer core tube length and greater temperature drop from inlet to outlet for those hard-to-cool applications. With nothing extending above the top core support bar, front access to the engine compartment is greatly improved for maintenance and overall appearance.

U.S. Radiator
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Eddie Motorsports now manufactures billet aluminum hood hinges for '55-57 Chevrolet trucks. The hinges are CNC machined from billet 6061-T6 aluminum and employ high-quality sealed ball bearings for a smooth, reliable operation. Available in machined, satin, or brilliant polished finish; black or clear anodized; or a wide variety of colored Fusion-coated finishes, they're designed as direct-fit, bolt-on units, utilizing the stock mounting holes that have been elongated for ease of gap adjustment. Eddie's billet hinges are a great value in comparison to similar products on the market. Whether you are looking for the ultimate in underhood customizing or just want to replace your weak stamped steel stock hood hinges with these stout billet pieces, Eddie Motorsports hinges are the answer.

Eddie Motorsports
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