Flanges for Fabricators
Deeds Engineering is pleased to announce the release of their all-new steel exhaust flanges. Made of 3/8-inch thick 1018 (cold rolled) steel to create a strong, durable, warp-resistant flange, they're cut with a CNC milling process for a smooth, TIG weld friendly surface. All flanges are coated in high-luster, weld-through plating resulting in an amazing appearance without the higher cost of using stainless steel. Flanges offered include header flanges, three-bolt union flanges, as well as turbocharger flanges.

Deeds Engineering
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MBM Brakes, Steering, & Suspension is happy to announce the addition of the DBK9 rear disc brake conversion kit to their product line. The DBK9 provides an easy to install, bolt-on solution for upgrading your 9-inch rearend to disc brake performance. MBM's kit is unique in that it provides all the brackets and flanges that fit the three most popular sizes of the 9-inch rearend. This eliminates all guesswork when purchasing and installing the kit. The DBK9 comes in both standard and high-performance kits with the high-performance LX kit including cross-drilled and slotted rotors and stainless steel braided brake lines. Both kits are also available as a full power brake kit which includes a power booster and master cylinder in addition to the basic conversion kit.

MBM Brakes, Steering, & Suspension
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Get Converted
To complement their 800hp-rated 4L60E transmission, B&M has introduced the Holeshot and Traveler series torque converters. Furnace brazed for strength, the 3,500-stall unit includes an anti-balooning plate making it suitable for higher-horsepower racing applications.

B&M Racing
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Stop Settling
OTB Gear continues to "brake" new ground with this solution to the standard brake master cylinder. Truck owners can finally stop settling for that ugly, stock unit probably in use right now. As opposed to billet, this high-quality casting of A-356 aircraft grade aluminum is finished to a show-quality shine with that vintage OTB finned design that they're famous for. Based on the popular GM-style master cylinder it features a 1-inch bore and a dual-chamber cylinder with four connection ports. Tubing can be run left or right, it's the owner's choice.

OTB Gear
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American Autowire's Latching Relay Module (PN 510170) replaces a dimmer switch and allows you to switch between high and low beams with either a momentary pushbutton turn signal switch (PN 510169) or a momentary pushbutton tilt lever switch (PN 510168). In addition to switching between high and low beams, the latching relay module automatically resets your headlights to the low beam position whenever the headlight switch or vehicle is turned off. Lastly, the latching relay module allows you to flash your high beams in a "flash to pass" situation, when the headlight switch is not in the on position.

American Autowire
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In a Fog
Motor oil for two- and four-stroke engines often acts as a barrier to keep condensation from contacting engine parts and forming corrosion. Yet, motor oils lose their effectiveness over time. That's why AMSOIL announces the introduction of a new premium engine fogging oil that offers superior film retention and provides long-term protection against rust and corrosion. The aerosol spray formulation offers easy and clean applications, while reaching more components and offering better distribution than straight motor oil. AMSOIL Engine Fogging Oil is applied through the engine intake or carburetor as the engine is running for a complete distribution of oil onto engine parts. It is easier, more effective, and cleaner than pouring motor oil into the engine cylinders and manually rotating the engine and will protect the engine internals on vehicles that are stored for long periods of time.

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