Thermal insulation can now be installed, which means that we are heading down the backstretch. The insulation most likely will not be big enough to cover the entire floor with one piece, so you can put the main piece in the middle and add to both sides, or start on one side and add to the other as necessary. It doesn't really matter, as it won't be seen anyway. For my truck, I started on the driver side and then added on to the passenger side. However you do it, press the insulation out as flat as you can. In all but the flattest of truck floors, you will need to cut some slits in the insulation to prevent it from puffing up. The transmission hump will most likely be the toughest area. Start by cutting a slit along the edge of the base of the hump. This will allow the flat part to stay flat and will allow the material to lay flat against the transmission hump. Also cut around any bolts (such as those for the in-cab gas tank), the seatbelts, and the seat mounting boltholes. When the insulation is installed and laying flat, cover all of the seams with the aluminum tape that is included with the Dynamat. If you are going to be installing sill plates, you may need to trim the insulation back from the edge an inch or two so that the screws for the sill plates will be long enough to reach through to the floorboard.

The next step is to reinstall the carpeting and the seat. Once the carpet is in the approximate location, push a small screwdriver or similar alignment pin through each of the holes from the seat mounting bolts in the carpet and into the boltholes in the floor. This will help you to get the carpet in the correct location. Now remove the alignment pins and have someone help you lift the seat(s) back into the cab and into position. It may be helpful to use the temporary alignment pins again to get the holes in the seat mount, the carpet, and the floor of the truck all aligned. Install each of the seat mounting bolts finger tight until all mounting bolts are started, and then tighten each bolt completely. A good way to finish this installation (especially if your truck doesn't already have them) is to install new sill plates (or thoroughly clean the ones you have).

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