Deeds Engineering has three neat new products that will help the DIYer install an exhaust system just like the pros. First up are their new double-seal V-band clamps, a great solution to provide a leak-free joint. They also offer a variety of mandrel bent 16-gauge tubing available in mild steel, 304 stainless steel, and 6061 aluminum from 45-degree to 180-degree bends. Lastly are their billet aluminum exhaust hangers. Available in 21/4-, 21/2-, and 3-inch tubing sizes, the hangers come either polished or brushed with stainless steel hardware.

Deeds Engineering
(818) 842-2500

Truly Dashing
Dashworks by Paul Atkins has rapidly expanded the number of their Contemporary Dash application models to 156. One of the newest additions is for the '67-72 Chevy and GMC fullsize trucks. Update your classic truck to a smooth contemporary style by installing one of these custom dashes that come with installation instructions and are in stock and ready to ship.

Dashworks by Paul Atkins (256) 352-9608

Real Deal Wheels
Genuine Boyds, the family legacy-driven custom wheel company founded by Boyd Jr. and Chris Coddington, is pleased to announce the introduction of its first cast wheel. The new Vintage-5, part of the Cruizer series designed by Chris and the late, legendary Boyd Sr., is an affordable option to the Genuine Boyds popular 6061 billet Junk Yard Dog.

The Vintage-5 is constructed using a precision A-356 cast center that is 360-degree MIG welded into Genuine Boyds' new forged 6061 T-6 one-piece seamless soft lip rim and is built-to-order specific to your vehicle with custom bolt circles and custom backspacing available in 1/8-inch increments. The Vintage-5 is available in 17-, 18-, and 20-inch diameters and 6- to 15-inch widths. Various finishes are available including polished, powdercoated, old-school finish, and Boyds' new PermaStar PVD bright chrome and PermaStar PVD black chrome-a first for two-piece wheels.

Genuine Boyds
(866) 952-2693

Five-Speed Sublime
Starting in 2005, Mustangs came equipped with the 5R55S transmission. Fully computerized with five speeds and a compact one-piece design, this transmission has proven to be a tough little unit. Performance Automatic has stepped it up a notch with some high- performance tricks that make it even better.

High-performance clutches and bands along with several hydraulic circuit modifications make the 5R55S a blast to drive and thanks to Performance Automatic's Pro Fit bellhousing system, anyone can bolt in this transmission behind a 5.0! Great for Ford trucks with limited space or retrofitting a 5.0 into the '05-and-up chassis, the Performance Automatic 5R55S is now available with a standalone computer system.

Performance Automatic

Hot Rod Batteries
New technology is available for truck enthusiasts looking to store their haulers for long winter months without the need to charge their batteries. Hot Rod Batteries do not require a trickle charge and can be stored for the long winter months without a charge. During the times of storage, all you would need to do is just disconnect the negative battery cable and when it's time to bring it out of storage just reconnect the cable, start it up, and go for a ride. Hot Rod Batteries are extremely small, versatile batteries at only 7x27/8x61/2 inches. These batteries can be mounted virtually in any small space available such as in a glovebox, passenger compartment, under the seat, behind a kick panel or seat compartment. And because they are a sealed dry cell battery free of any acid or gel cells, they can be mounted in any position and will not leak, making for a trouble-free installation. With 1,012 cranking amps at only 13 lbs, Hot Rod Batteries provide quite the punch in a small package.

Hot Rod Batteries
(386) 586-1164