Wielding A Welder
Hobart Welding Products introduces the IronMan 230, a DC/CV, single-phase, MIG/FCAW welder that delivers a 30- to 250-amp output (60 percent at 175 amps), providing the versatility for a wide range of applications, from light industrial and MRO to body shop, heavy-duty farm/ranch uses, and hobby applications. The IronMan 230 replaces Hobart's IronMan 210 and 250, combining their features in a single unit suited for welding mild steel material ranging from 24-gauge to 1/2-inch.

To complement their IronMan 230, Hobart Welding Products has introduced their new DP 3545-20 Spool Gun; an ideal solution for those who need to weld soft metals such as aluminum or stainless steel.

Designed with an easy connection to the IronMan 230 MIG welder (no tools required), the DP 3545-20 offers 200 amps at 60 percent duty cycle and runs 0.030-0.047-inch aluminum, steel, and stainless steel wires.

Hobart Welding Products
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Creep and Crawl
Dale Adams Enterprises, the manufacturer of the famous BONE line of creepers has introduced The TailBone, a mechanic's stool that is different by design. The 5-inch diameter wheels roll effortlessly over air hoses, drop cords, and other shop clutter while the rotating bucket seat makes it easier to use your natural body movements to position yourself. Add to that the fact that it's molded from impact resistant engineering-grade polymer that is impervious to oil, cleaners, and common solvents and you've got a stool that will get the job done in style and comfort.

Dale Adams Enterprises
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