Cut It Out
The original Doug's Headers has announced a new and improved version of their popular all stainless steel construction electric exhaust cutouts in 21/2-inch and 3-inch diameters. The engineers at Doug's have taken their famous electric exhaust cutouts and dramatically decreased the size for more versatile installations while lowering the price as well. These cutouts feature a rugged gear reduction 12-volt DC motor and a rotating gate for a leakproof seal every time the cutout is opened and closed. Unlike butterfly-style cutouts, the Doug's cutouts don't have the leaky gasket sound and when fully opened there is no exhaust flow obstructions. A pre-wired harness with an illuminated rocker switch is supplied for easy installation. Uncork your exhaust with the flip of a switch from your dash. The cutouts are ideal for racetracks that don't require mufflers and are available in singles or pairs and in complete kits with Y-pipes for easy installation.

Doug's Headers
(909) 599-5955

Turn, Turn, Turn
How many times have you been motoring along and suddenly realize your turn signal has been flashing for the past 10 miles? If you have manually operated, non-cancelling turn signals, they can now cancel themselves, thanks to Ron Francis Wiring. The device works with conventional bulbs or LEDs, and you can even set the length of time you'd like them to flash before they shut off. And if you activate your signal and then decide against making the turn, there's a quick-cancelling feature just for that purpose. All that is needed to activate your turn signals is a momentary switch of your choice, and Ron Francis has those, too. The Self-Cancelling Turn Signal Kit comes with easy-to-follow instructions, and all the wires are clearly imprinted with their routing information.

Ron Francis Wiring
(800) 292-1940

Flathead Brackets Made Simple
Alan Grove Components is proud to introduce a new steel bracket system for the '37-53 Flathead Ford/Mercury V-8 engines. The street rod bracket design mounts the A/C compressor and alternator off of the original generator mounting flange. The user can retain the stock fan assembly and it will work with some multiple carburetion setups. The bracket is furnished with all necessary hardware and illustrated instructions for easy installation.

Alan Grove Components, Inc.
(913) 837-4368

Got a gummed up engine or transmission? AmsOil Engine and Transmission Flush is a detergent-based flush formulated to improve fuel economy, operating efficiency, and reduce emissions in gasoline and diesel engines and automatic transmissions. Its potent formula cleans sludge and deposit buildup, promotes lower operating temperatures, and reduces oil consumption. Detergent-based AmsOil Engine and Transmission Flush is safe on parts and can be easily disposed of with waste oil. Over time, deposit buildup can cause power and performance loss resulting in restricted oil flow to vital engine and transmission parts. AmsOil Engine and Transmission Flush is a multi-use solution that dissolves and disperses sludge, varnish, and deposits in a single treatment. In addition, it loosens sticky valves and helps quiet lifter noise. In transmissions it helps unclog fluid passages, improves erratic shifting, and promotes smoother operation and longer transmission life. It is not however recommended for CVT transmissions or differentials.

(800) 777-8491

Boze Alloys is kicking off 2010 with a fresh new design, the ZE Forged Autocross wheel. This unique five-spoke style has an accent groove in each spoke, which may be painted in a variety of colors. Also, the center and rim areas can be finished in high luster polish or a brush satin texture. The Autocross design is available in both two-and three-piece construction to accommodate big brake kits. Boze offers special fitments for custom applications with diameters ranging from 17 to 24 inches and widths from 7 to 15 inches. All wheels are custom-built from 6061 T-6 aluminum alloy and made in the USA.

Boze Alloys
(866) 634-4626

Classy Chevy Chassis
Superior Glass Works introduces their new '41-46 Chevrolet pickup chassis to its broad line of street rod and truck chassis. Despite limited production numbers during World War II, many of these Art Deco Chevy trucks have found themselves in the hands of car enthusiasts. Like most old trucks, their chassis can show considerable wear after all these years. They offer a safe, strong, and good-looking chassis built to Chevy's original specs that will accept original and aftermarket body panels. With its original size and shape, this new chassis is suitable for a restoration project and its heavy gauge, fully boxed rails, and stout X-member will perform exceptionally well under a modern hot rod.

Superior Glass Works
(503) 829-9634