Burn, Baby, Burn!
Flaming River has developed a complete power rack-and-pinion conversion system for rear-wheel-drive '73-87 Chevy/GMC C10 pickups for improved steering and handling performance. The new front steer power rack-and-pinion setup features over six inches of travel for full turning radius and mounts to the 3/8-inch cradle on aluminum pillow blocks which allow for an adjustable pinion angle. Their '73-87 C10 kit includes an all-new tilt column, mounting hardware, wiring connector, U-joints and shafting, power steering pump with pulley, pump brackets, and polished aluminum reservoir.

Flaming River
(800) 648-8022

Getting Hitched
Want to tow with your classic '67-72 GM truck without that ugly hitch hanging down below your bumper? Early Classic Enterprises has just the answer: a Class 4 hidden receiver hitch that mounts behind your factory chrome rear bumper. The hitch remains hidden until needed, and then simply flip up the license plate and insert the extended ball mount when you're ready to tow. These powdercoated hitches are available for pickups, Blazers, and Suburbans, and come with all necessary hardware and instructions.

Early Classic Enterprises
(888) 777-0395

Trouble-Free Aode
Got a Ford-powered truck and thinking about an overdrive? Phoenix Transmission Products of Weatherford, Texas, has a great solution. Phoenix builds the Ford AODE transmission for many Ford-powered applications. This trans does not require the complicated and trouble prone TV cable system or the clunky and weak mechanical lockup of the original AOD. This unit uses the Compushift electronic control system that comes preprogrammed for perfect shifts and ideal lockup application, giving your Ford terrific performance and street driving manners unachievable with the old AOD. Several models are available for Windsor- and Cleveland-based engines as well as the newer 4.6- and 5.4-liter engines in ratings up to 600hp.

Phoenix Transmission Products
(817) 599-7680

Holy Pedals
Lokar has expanded their nostalgia line of products by introducing the Lakester Series of pedals available in chrome, raw, and black finish. The pedals have the same quality as their sister spoon throttle pedal and round brake/clutch pads. The removable lower arm is splined for versatility in mounting to the right of left of the mounting bracket and feature curved pads and arms.

Lokar Performance Products
(877) 469-7440

Idiot Proof
The Ron Francis Wiring Low Voltage sensor is designed for use with virtually any alternator to activate a warning light as soon as the voltage drops a hair below 11 volts. The sensor can be used in conjunction with your voltmeter or ammeter, or all by itself. One-wire alternators, unfortunately, don't have the wiring for an "idiot light" to tell you there's a serious problem. With this device in the system, a warning light is triggered that will attract your attention immediately and it's much more noticeable than a gauge with a slowly dropping needle, which may go completely unnoticed. The benefit to running this Low Voltage Sensor is that your warning light tells you something has reached the danger point before it's too late. If voltage drops too far, fuel-injected engines will begin to misfire and most electronic circuits relying on 12 volts (such as cooling fans) may also shut down if there isn't at least 10 volts for them to operate. Hookup is fast and simple-one wire to a keyed 12-volt source, another to a ground, and one to an indicator light. You can use an LED, a small indicator like those sold by Ron Francis Wiring, or just connect it to the existing factory idiot light in your classic car.

Ron Francis Wiring
(800) 292-1940

Holy Handles
Like the Lakester Series of pedals, Lokar's new Lakester Series door handles, window and vent cranks are available in chrome, black, or raw finish and come splined for 360 degrees of finite adjustment. Available for most GM and Ford applications, they're the perfect complement to Lokar's throttle and brake pedal sets.

Lokar Performance Products
(877) 469-7440

Stealth Pumper
Given the durability of Aeromotive's in-line fuel pumps, the new "in-tank" Stealth design and the accompanying cost savings by eliminating plumbing for an external pump, Aeromotive has decided to offer the Stealth Technology in a package that will allow anyone to make their fuel cell or tank "Stealth." The new Stealth Cartridge is the same fuel pump and filter combo used in all of Aeromotive's Stealth fuel cells, now available without the cell. Drop it right into your fuel cell and now you have an in-tank fuel system capable of the high-horsepower most typical in-tank fuel pumps lack. Choose from the popular Aeromotive A1000 fuel pump or its big brother, the Eliminator. In addition to pump choices, the Stealth Cartridge features an adjustable tube connecting the filter (pickup) to the inlet of the pump allowing you to perfectly position the filter at the bottom of the cell, regardless of cell height.

(913) 647-7300

Retrosound's latest generation Model One Radio for 2010 is a breakthrough classic car radio now featuring a remote-mountable USB and SD card box for MP3 digital file playback in your classic car! The Model One also features a more powerful 50 W x 4 RMS /100 W x 4 max power internal amplifier, front and rear aux inputs for iPod or satellite playback, RF remote control with a range of 30 feet for the ultimate hidden install, and many more new features. Direct-fit options are available for most classic trucks.

(888) 325-1555

Happy 30th
Bruce Horkey's Wood and Parts for pickups is celebrating 30 years manufacturing stock to custom award-winning hardwood and stainless floors.As well as recommending the right wood finishing supplies for your pickup, they also offer a line of replacement pickup boxes, fenders, and running boards and many custom parts.

Horkey's Wood and Parts, Inc.
(507) 831-5625

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