V-Belt Svelte
New from Rocky Hinge is this Street Drive SD1 V-belt front system for small- and big-block Chevy engines. CNC-machined from aircraft aluminum and polished to a mirror finish, the SD1 comes complete with a polished Weiand high-flow water pump, polished Sanden A/C compressor, polished Powermaster 105-amp alternator, polished GM Type-2 power steering pump, polished pulleys, Dayco belts, and stainless mounting hardware.

Rocky Hinge, Inc.
(888) 539-6295

Blast Off
Bowtie Bits has just released this show-quality chrome hood rocket set for '57 Chevy pickups. A very rare accessory normally found on Cameos, this set comes complete with hardware and template, and is made in the good ol' US of A.

Bowtie Bits Antique Truck Parts
(316) 941-9331

Back In Black
RideTech's new Black Series Shockwaves are designed around a quality steel-body, twin-tube, non-adjustable shock absorber, combined with quality Firestone bellows as an affordable option to their popular line of Shockwave products and is the easiest way to install air suspension in your vehicle. Fixed shock valving is designed to optimize ride quality while the OEM quality steel body yields years of reliable service. Designed specifically to fit OEM mounting locations or Strong Arm tubular control arms, the Black Series retains all the mounting and installation advantages of their original Master Series Shockwave.

(812) 481-4787

The look of the Pro's Pick aluminum tonneau cover is still the same, but the hinge assembly is new and improved. Their tonneau covers are now available with a new quick-release hinge that allows for easy removal without the use of tools, making cleaning or repairing your pickup bed a snap.

Pro's Pick
(800) 865-7366

Push-Button Programming
Classic Instruments' new SN74 Module makes it easy to precisely calibrate most all electronic speedometers with just a touch of a button. The module wires in-line between the transmission's pulse signal or ECM output and your speedometer head. It converts all known signals and includes an 8,000 ppm signal output to control your electronic cruise control. Simply push the button, drive a measured mile, and push the button again. The module mounts out of sight in any convenient location and the button switch is easily stashed behind your dash or removed after calibration is complete.

Classic Instruments
(800) 575-0461