Molded Image
Every engine has its own proverbial fingerprints. One of the best ways to get the right pistons for your engine is to take a mold of your combustion chamber. Diamond Piston's Combustion Chamber Mold Kit allows builders to make an epoxy impression of their combustion chamber that captures all the pertinent information including valve centerlines, the valve positioning in relationship to the cylinder, the angle of the valves, and an accurate chamber footprint from which the dome can be formed. Diamond scans the mold with a laser to come up with the best dome configuration for the customer.

Diamond Pistons
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A Force To Be "Wreck"Oned With
Oil filter disposal is a messy job. That's why Ranger Products came up with the RP-20FC Oil Filter Crusher. With 10 tons of pneumatic pressure, the crusher not only reduces oil filters to 25 percent of their original size, but its integrated collection chamber also catches the residual oil that is squeezed out. This makes for easy clean up and storage of oil filters, and makes them cheaper to dispose of. Even the tall 8-inch filters used commonly for diesel motors will fold up nicely in this unit. An optional steel stand is also available and accommodates a 5-, 16-, or 55-gallon drum fitted with casters beneath, while the crusher gets bolted on top.

Ranger Products
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Tilt-Wheel Good
Driving a truck with stock steering columns can get old pretty quick if ease and comfort is what you're after. Owners of '60-66 and '73-87 Chevy and GMC C/K10 and C/K20 series pickups can now enjoy the advantages of tilt steering with these 304-grade stainless steel columns from Flaming River Industries. The columns include a turn signal/hazard switch and wiring harness with the 41/4-inch GM plug. Available for column- or floor-shift configurations, these units come in either a paintable mill finish or polished. The key tumbler assembly in the '73-87 units is in the stock 3 o'clock position and uses a standard GM key. The columns feature a GM mechanical ignition switch that accepts the stock GM plug assembly from the stock wiring harness and most aftermarket wiring harnesses.

Flaming River Industries
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Quest To Seal A Rat
EngineQuest, a leading supplier of stock replacement and performance cylinder heads and internal engine parts, is now manufacturing a one-piece seal crankshaft for '91-00 Gen V and VI, 454ci Chevy big-block engines. For more information about EQs new one-piece seal crankshaft for the 454-cubic-inch Gen V and VI big-block engine (PN CS454A), or other EQ engine parts give them a look on the web, or give them a call.

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