OH Brothers
A busted taillight isn't really such a bad thing (unless a cop gives you a ticket for it), but having to stare at crummy old gauges on your dashboard every time you drive can be a real eyesore. Replace the old, worn-out, broken, or missing gauges in your '47-87 Chevy or GMC truck with these beautiful new replacements from Brothers Trucks. Make your dash operate and look new again ... and then buy some new taillight lenses.

Brothers Trucks
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Wooly Pulley
Look at these gorgeous, new '64-73 Ford fan spacers from Scott Drake Enterprises. At 2.25 inches long, they are vital for keeping your fan blades close to the radiator, where they can do the most efficient job of drawing cool air through the core (not for clutch-equipped fans). This spacer is a reproduction of the OEM Ford factory unit, and will look great on your truck. Precision made by Scott Drake Enterprises from billet aluminum, these premium quality fan spacers are available in either original-style natural finish (PN C4AZ-8546-A) or brightly polished (PN C4AZ-8546-P) for that original high-performance look.

Scott Drake Enterprises
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Do The Light Thing
A lot of people think headlights only have two functions: high- and low-beam capabilities. That's because they haven't checked out these new 7-inch DOT EURO High/Low Beam Headlights with Auxiliary Light from Delta Tech Industries. These performance headlights come equipped with a standard third beam 4-watt city light (a European version of parking lights), and other options include amber directional blinkers, 20-watt daytime running lights, and LED "mood lights" for those evening cruises.

The units also feature a European precision lead-crystal prismatic lens, and is DOT certified. These lights are encased in stamped steel with a vacuum metalized reflector that uses a rubber boot to keep the elements from getting a foothold and are powered with replaceable Xenon or Halogen bulbs.

Delta Tech Industries
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Black Is Beautiful
Always expanding its family of quality products to meet the needs of car enthusiasts, Coker Tire has introduced yet another tire in its amazing line of products. The lineup of BFGoodrich Silvertown radials is a strong one, but the debut of the 285/70R15 tire is sure to cause a stir. Whether you drive a street rod, classic truck, or something in between, the introduction of these new radials could be the finishing touch to give your machine the perfect attitude.

Coker Tire Company, Inc.
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