Getting sick of seeing the same old aftermarket knobs on truck dashes? Watson's StreetWorks has created these "Chess" design dress-up knobs to fit 3/16- and 1/4-inch shafts for those looking to do something a little different. They also feature a set screw for easy installation.

Watson's StreetWorks
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By The Book
Sometimes catalogs have plenty of parts listed, but not enough info to tell you what exactly you need. RHS has made an effort to help both the novice and experienced cylinder head builders find the right parts with this new 48-page, full-color catalog. With a helpful cylinder head reference guide, a frequently asked questions section, and lots of additional references, this catalog was published to help you find just the product you're after. Available in either printed or downloadable format.

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Baby Oil
A new engine, whether a crate motor or rebuild, is temperamental and needs a special diet. After all, it's still an infant. That's why Comp Cams and Endure Performance Lubricants teamed up to formulate just the right blend. Comp Cams Engine Break-In Oil was created for that critical period when your engine's internals are establishing their long-term wear patterns. This unique combination of zinc, phosphorus, molybdenum, detergents, and high-grade base oil eliminates the need for additives and improves the surface mating of components. According to the manufacturers, Comp Cams Engine Break-In Oil is fully compatible with gasoline, methanol, and high-octane racing fuels.

Comp Cams
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Grind The Beans
The Busted Knuckle Garage, purveyor of unique automotive gifts and collectibles, is debuting a new limited edition coffee mug for java-loving truck guys, just in time for Christmas. "Grind the Beans, Not the Gears" is the theme for this BKG tire tread-encased 16-oz mug with vintage comic book-inspired graphics. Their full line of automotive gifts and collectibles also includes garage signs, garage/bar stools, T-shirts, hand salve for mechanics, and an array of goodies under $10. Guys, do yourselves a favor and make sure your lady has on their shopping list, or you might just regret it when Santa brings you an electric toothbrush ... again.

The Busted Knuckle Garage
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There's a lot the gearhead in your family may have on their holiday wish list. Thankfully, Summit has a cornucopia of gifts for you, from novelty to practical. If you're interested in the old-school feel, some 29-gauge metal signs would be a nice addition to your garage and are available with such classic names as Texaco, Gulf, GMC, Mopar, and numerous others.

Whether it's as a cool paperweight or just an interesting conversation piece to put on your shelf, these Speed Freaks resin sculptures have got the vintage look to them with a more contemporary attitude. Available in numerous designs, these are sure to win over both the old and new hot rodder.

You never know. They might just become tomorrow's Rat Fink, but you have a chance to get one today while they're still available. Brent Gill's Hotrod Hardware prints will liven up your walls with some four-wheeled flare. These 16x10-inch prints come matted for an overall size of 20x16.

If you're ready to dress up that die-cast car collection in your display cabinet with some high-end machinery, Summit's inventory runs the gamut. Whether it's a sandblasting cabinet, parts washer, tool cabinet, tire mounting station, wheel balancer, or other shop staples, these 1:18 scale mini garage accessories are a great addition.

Summit Racing
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