All the best choices appeared in Wheel Vintiques' online catalog. After much hand wringing, I selected a set of stock-appearing (though wider) Gennie steel wheels, sticking with 15-inchers in order to maintain a nice ride and a '60's look. I ordered them in red to match the interior accent color, and chose polished '47-48 Ford passenger car patterned hubcaps. The glossy-yet-sturdy powdercoat finish on these wheels is beautiful; far and away the best paint surface on the entire truck.

The Tire Rack supplied 225/70-15 Firestone Indy 500 tires for the front, with 255/70-15s out back, to add the slightest rake. Not only does my F-100 look cooler by a factor of many, but also the ride has improved, and the steering is lighter now. This rolling stock is the best money I could have spent.

What's next? The stock single muffler is about the size of a Civil War canon, and needs to go in exchange for a throaty sounding exhaust system. A spray-on bed liner will seal up the dents and surface rust in the worn but solid bed. Then there will be foglights, some spray can detailing, and a myriad of other small stuff.

Although much time was spent selecting and gathering parts, things moved fast once the work began. Dumping the old Appliance Wheels white spokers and rock-hard tires in favor of retro steelies-and-caps from Wheel Vintiques, and new staggered-sized Firestone Indy 500s from Tire Track, changed the entire look of the truck.

Everything in the thoroughly revitalized cabin came from LMC Truck: seat kit, headliner, carpet set, pedal rubbers, and shifter boot, even the visors. The only thing you can't see is the Dynamat and Dynaliner that rests underneath the rugs and headliner. Everything was affordable, and the install was straightforward. Can't say I miss the sagging, mildewed headliner, and the furniture blanket "upholstery," such as it was.

The old, white plastic wheel was charming, but cracked in a million places, missing its (expensive-to-replace) horn ring, and was so large it nearly touched my chest. This chrome-and-foam replacement piece from LMC is a bit smaller, easier to grip, and still has a '60's look without appearing cheap. All of the paint and chrome on the dash is original, and came back to life with the application of wax, chrome polish, and manual labor. Wheel Vintiques also supplied us with trim rings, which really set off the late-'40s Ford-style hubcaps. I'm running without the rings for the moment, as I like the industrial look for the steel wheels, but will probably pop them on at some point. Wheel Vintiques manufactures numerous trim ring designs to suit your need and taste.

The old, pitted, and thoroughly '70s aluminum trailer mirrors were functional but looked like crap. LMC Truck sells exact, nicely finished reproductions of the factory mirrors, which also rotate out and down for towing. Access panels inside the doors are removed to install them.

LMC sells all the fan geek stuff you need for your truck: reproduction shop manuals, owner's manuals, books, license plate frames, and sales brochures, even T-shirts. This is a repop of the original '62 F-100 sales folder. Pretty nifty illustration, no?

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