What A Concept!
Concept One has extended its range of pulley systems to include a new, compact line for the venerable Ford Cleveland 351. With a choice of four systems for the Cleveland, ranging from a basic alternator-only pulley kit up to a full-option solution with alternator, air conditioning compressor, and power steering mechanism, these kits comprise all associated pulleys and brackets, belts, and chrome hardware. In addition, a polished compressor and alternator and an aluminum power-steering pump are supplied together with Concept One's exclusive power-steering reservoir to complete the package. Offered in clear or black anodized finish, the 6061-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum pulley kits run twin belts with the standard rotation water pump on this Cleveland kit, eliminating expense and unnecessary bulkiness of extra parts. With an emphasis on quality, the parts fit and align with no shimming or grinding.

Concept One
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Eat My Dust
Though driving V-8-powered trucks, often with single-figure gas mileage, isn't exactly green, everyone can do their bit to conserve natural resources, even if water shortages and drought conditions don't affect all regions. Instead of washing your truck every time it's looking less than its best, why not use a California Car Duster? The baked-in waxed treatment safely lifts dust off any vehicle without scratching, and in fact, the dirtier it gets, the better it works. The orange-colored cotton mop head of the California Car Duster will turn almost black before it is time to replace it. The smaller Mini Duster is also available for use on motorcycles or inside the car and home.

California Car Duster
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Welding torches are already compact and make welding in hard-to-reach spots relatively easy, HTP America has taken them a step further with the release of its Flex Neck TIG torch head. This unique tool lets you quickly change the angle of your TIG torch, providing instant, trouble-free access to practically any tight, cramped, or out-of-the-way spot. The Flex Neck allows you to bend the end of your torch into virtually any position in just seconds. For convenience, HTP has a head available to fit all 9, 17, 20, and 26 series torches. What's more, any HTP TIG welder can be upgraded to this torch when ordered.

HTP America Inc
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Wall Of Silence
While there are numerous sound-deadening and heat-absorbing products on the market that you can stick or glue to your floor or firewall, sometimes an OEM-style product looks better, especially if your truck is a semi-resto project. Plus, they'll have all the holes and access points that those stick-on pads don't, saving time and looking original to boot. If you're running a 1947-50 Chevy truck, you're in luck, as Chevs of the 40's can supply original-style firewall pads to save you from burning your feet or suffering chills up your pant legs! They fit like original and won't wreck your budget either.

Chevs of the 40's
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One Size Fits All
Barry Grant released the revolutionary Triple D Induction AeroRam intake manifold for the small-block Chevy last year, offering the opportunity, by use of an intake flange adaptor, to be able to run the BadMan Inline 4 Barrel; three, four, or six Demon 98 carburetors; three SixShooter 2 barrels; and dual or single quads; all on the same manifold. Now the same manifold is available to fit Ford 289-302 based engines as well as the 351 Windsor. Tuned equal-length runners keep cylinders working in unison for increased power to 6,500 rpm. Whichever carburetor package you opt for, they'll deliver both great throttle response and big top-end power.

Barry Grant/Triple D Induction
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EngineQuest is best known as a manufacturer of hard-to-find new and remanufactured engine parts, though of course once those parts are assembled into engines, they have to be started, so the company has introduced the Engine Pre-Luber kit that effectively and quickly pressurizes oil systems to eliminate dry engine starts. Pre-lubing prevents damage to internal engine bearings, crankshafts, camshafts, and valvetrains. Pressurizing the oil system prior to startup is especially helpful for motors that have been warehoused or operated in cold weather conditions where startup is difficult. The Pre-Luber mounts to the oil pressure sending unit and holds up to five quarts of oil, works with crank and chain driven oil pumps, and is sold complete with all mounting adaptors and hoses.

(800) 426-8771