Pumped-Up Pump
If you're a devotee of the 385 series Ford 429-460 big-block engine you'll probably be aware of its Achilles' heel, namely the propensity for the oil pump to fracture and break off, especially in modified motors. Jon Kaase is a big-block Ford devotee, and has addressed the situation with a new pump that features an altered structure and sturdier mountings.

It also uses the same impeller Kaase fits to his championship-winning 820-cid Pro Stock engines, and is equipped with dual oil feeds to the rotor to improve idle and high-rpm oil pressure. It's supplied with superior ARP mounting studs and 12-point nuts and comes in two versions, one for a front sump layout; the other for the more common rear sump arrangement.

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Head Of The Class
Though we doubt many of you are drag racers, and even fewer race in a class that requires OE-style cast-iron heads, these new Pro Torker small-block Chevy cast-iron cylinder heads from RHS are also great for anyone looking for a great performing head with guaranteed reliability. A significant improvement over OE heads, with added exhaust face and deck surface to protect against cracking and eliminate heat distortion, the water jackets have been improved to increase water flow for better thermal conductivity and hot spot reduction. Yet the heads are machined to strict tolerances and match OE specs for valve angle, intake port size and configuration, as well as combustion chamber design.

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New Avengers
When it comes down to it, looks are as important as performance for most people when it comes to modifying a truck, so any product that offers an improvement in both over a previous design has to be a winner, right? Well, Holley has done just that with their new Ultra Street Avenger and Ultra Double Pumper carburetors. Made from aluminum, they are 5 pounds lighter than their zinc predecessors, are supplied tumble polished but can easily be hand polished, and feature 6061-T6 bases and metering blocks in red, blue, or black anodizing.

Also new is a built-in, clear fuel level sight window facilitating easy float adjustments. The Ultra Street Avengers come with vacuum secondaries, are available in 670 and 770 cfm and have all of the bolt-on-and-go features that made the original Street Avengers popular. The Ultra Double Pumpers are available in 650 and 750 cfm and come with mechanical secondaries and electric chokes. Both feature four corner idle circuits for precise tuning and both have enhanced fuel curves for optimum performance.

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Repop Pillar
We all know we should start with a project truck in the best condition we can find, but often a bargain is just too good to pass up, even if we do regret it halfway through the marathon welding session required to get it back to "good" condition, right? Carolina Classics can help if your 1961-66 F series Ford truck requires steel replacement just a little higher than the floorpans, however, with these lower front door pillars. These are the curved part of the pillar below the lower door hinge. Die stamped in the U.S. from 14-gauge steel, they'll make that body restoration just a little easier.

Carolina Classics
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Sluggin' It Out
Diamond Pistons has a new series of domed pistons for high-compression 5.0 and 351 Windsor small-block Ford engines using Trick Flow Twisted Wedge heads. These have the valves rotated to increase the diameter of the valves and increase airflow, and while they will work without changing pistons, added benefits can be had with the new Diamond 2618 alloy versions. Using a conventional ring stack, the top ring is positioned sufficiently far down from the crown to protect it from excessive heat, allowing for a generous thickness of material over the crown. As a result, the pistons can safely accommodate a 150-200 horsepower shot of nitrous oxide. Between the first and second rings, Diamond incorporates a pressure balance groove. Available from stock, the pistons are made to suit a 3.400-inch stroke with a 5.400-inch connecting rod, the most common connecting rod size or stroker combination in the aftermarket.

Diamond Pistons
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Air Loss
A fair proportion of GM pickups originally came with air conditioning, but whether by accident or design, this 150-lb weight is now missing from many of them. AGM Industries have designed the AC Delete, a thick durable fiberglass cover that replaces the original A/C evaporator box while maintaining the function of the original heater and defrost system. It requires no firewall modification and allows re-installation of the original A/C system if so desired at a later date. The covers are also designed with clearance for tall valve covers and exhaust headers. AGM offers models to fit '67-90 GM fullsize trucks. The AC Delete cover is sold separately or in a complete kit that comes with everything necessary for the installation including a new heater core, blower motor and fan, and 3M sealant.

AGM Industries
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