What the ISIS Multiplex System boils down to is basically a true-blue plug-and-play wiring harness. Wire each Powercell to its respective items, wire the Mastercell to each respective switch, connect power and the CAN cable, and you're off and running. No more untangling giant rolls of wiring or tracking down a short or other electrical malady throughout the length of the car under carpet and upholstery. With the short travel distances between the Powercell and its outputs and the Mastercell and its switches, the amount of wiring in a typical vehicle is decreased dramatically. This simplifies the job not only for the wiring guy but will also make you a little more popular at the upholstery shop since the trimmer will no longer have to hide that big clump of wiring running down the center of the floor. And cutting the time needed to install a complete harness means cutting down on labor costs, saving you a little bit of dough as well when it comes time to wire that new hot rod project.

Littelfuse, Inc.