Braking Out
While it can't be denied that good brakes are as, if not more, important than the horsepower under your hood, and that they should perform well, as with everything else when it comes to custom trucks, appearance is important too. Bendix Street HP calipers are designed to deliver performance while looking good too, and are supplied with all the necessary hardware. Available in red, black or yellow, the powdercoating is applied immediately before final assembly, rather than post-assembly, resulting in a better finish than paint.
Whether you use the Bendix calipers or not, you could do worse than install a set of Bendix CT-3 ceramic brake pads, engineered to eliminate noise and reduce dusting, while providing OEM quality and performance. Several applications are shimmed with insulators and feature angled chamfers and slots to reduce noise.
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Beat the Heat
Having trouble keeping your '55-59 Chevy or GMC truck cool now that the summer months are here? Tuckers Classic Auto Parts may have your answer, with their heavy-duty dual oversized-core aluminum radiator. Designed to fit in the stock location, fitting is as easy as pulling out the old copper-brass radiator and bolting up the Tuckers' item. They are supplied with an integral transmission oil cooler, but if you have a manual transmission, simply plug the cooler holes. Tuckers can also help you with replacement radiator supports, fan shrouds, and radiator caps to get your pickup running cool once again.

Tuckers Classic Auto Parts

Time for a Change
Most enthusiasts' home shops have some kind of auto-related clock on the wall, but new from California Car Cover are these personalized garage clocks. Made from rust-free aluminum, they come with "garage" as standard, while up to 19 11/4-inch characters, including spaces, can be added to the lower ring to make the clock unique to your garage or shop. Available in black, dark blue, gray, or burgundy, they measure 141/2 inches tall by 171/2 inches wide and use a single AA battery (included) for movement.

California Car Cover
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Hug your Caddy
The thirst for nostalgia and using older engines doesn't look like it'll let up anytime soon, with more products available than ever before. If you're using a Cadillac 390 or 429 engine in your truck you'll be keen to hear Sanderson Headers have developed a compact block-hugger header, offering great clearance for spark plugs and starter motors; a tight-fitting design and dramatically improved exhaust flow and performance over stock manifolds. From Sanderson's patented leak-free gasketless flange, 15/8-inch outer primaries and a 17/8-inch center primary feed into a 21/2-inch collector. Available in plain steel or polished high-temperature ceramic coating, the headers are supplied with bolts and a weld-on flange for easy exhaust system hookup.

Sanderson Headers
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Seasonal Boots
The Eagle F1 GS-D3 from Goodyear is the company's maximum performance summer radial tire, featuring its AAtrax tread compound molded into this distinctive wet weather racing-derived directional tread design, which has been awarded the highest wet traction rating. The pattern's not just for looks though, as the sweeping angled grooves offer hydroplaning resistance, the solid center zone maintains constant road contact, while "power transfer bridges" emulate racing slicks. Whatever all that means, it looks good and performs well, though it's not designed to be used in snow, ice, or near-freezing temperatures.

Goodyear Tires
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Piston Broke?
If you're in need of hard-to-find engine parts and components, you could do worse than make Egge Machine Company your first port of call. Among other parts, they cast their own pistons here in the USA from high silicon A-332 aluminum alloy, available for applications from the early 1900s to 1980. For instance, if you run a 300 or 340-inch Buick V-8, Egge can supply you with new 9:1 compression ratio pistons. They can also supply 225ci V-6 pistons, which when substituted in the 300 or 340 will raise the compression to 11:1.

Egge Machine Company
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WWW ...
More nostalgic exhaust header news this month comes from Speedway Motors, who have introduced a W-style exhaust manifold for the Ford Y-block motor. Ford itself offered such a manifold when it put the Y-block in trucks in the mid-'50s, to improve power and torque by enabling the engine to breathe better. The Speedway manifold is a reproduction of the Ford version, using high nickel-content cast iron, so now you don't have to spend ages trawling boneyards, real or virtual, for original truck manifolds. Sold in pairs, complete with gaskets and flanges, Speedway calls them Y-block Tru-Ram Performance Exhaust Manifolds.

Speedway Motors
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Weld Done
Increasing numbers of hobbyists are using TIG welders these days, and most will be content to use the torch that their welding plant is supplied with, but just as it's hard to stick to one hot rod, once skills are developed specific torches for specific tasks may be desired. Weldcraft is a leading manufacturer of TIG welding torches and accessories, and has introduced online literature to support product and parts selection. Want to know which torch is most suited for a particular application? Enter details including the material to be welded and its thickness, and the website will recommend three torches. There are also downloadable PDFs of spec sheets, replacement parts, owner's manuals, connection diagrams, and even a full product catalog.

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Shear Bliss
Cordless drills were a revelation when they were introduced, and we've since become spoiled with the choice and convenience of such tools. Garage Equipment Supply now offers the Australian-made Excalibur cordless metal shear, claimed to be the fastest available. The heavy-duty handheld cutters are capable of slicing through sheet steel up to 16 gauge, aluminum up to 2mm thick and stainless steel at speeds up to 12 inches per second, and feature nickel-hydride batteries and patented cutting heads unique to the Excalibur.

Garage Equipment Supply
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Trans Mission
When it comes to the transmission in most of our trucks, dependability is usually a primary concern. Most of us don't require a racing transmission, but would like firm positive shifts that aren't abusive. Gearstar's 700-R4 Street Performance transmission and torque converter package is just that, capable of handling 400 hp and 360 ft-lb of torque from a small-block. With a long list of improvements over stock that includes a TransGo reprogramming shift kit, extreme-duty springs and sprags, ALTO Redline band and Power pack, heavy-duty remanufactured pump, and a heavy-duty high-performance torque converter, the package comes with a 24-month, 24,000-mile warranty. Even better yet, for a limited time the package is "stimulus priced" with a $300 reduction.

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Get it On. Or Off
Lokar is a well-established name when it comes to aftermarket shifters, but the company also has a drag race division that manufactures other equipment, such as this battery cutout switch that enables electrical power to be turned on or off from the driver's seat. The Direct-Mount kit fits B&M Pro Bandit, Quarter Pro, and Precision Performance Products shifters, while the Vari-Mount kit fits B&M Pro Ratchet, TCI Thunder Stick, TCI Outlaw, TCI Lighting, and Hurst Quarter Stick shifters or can be mounted to the floor.
The kit can work in conjunction with a fire system kill switch, and comes with an 8-inch push/pull cable as standard, though 6- and 7-inch cables are options, as is a 125- or 300-amp Master Power Switch.
Lokar Performance Products
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